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Go, Whacky, Go! a short review

I admit it, I am a game snob. I know what I like and what I don’t like. If you had told me I’d be having fun with a roll and move based on an 80′s video game, I would … Continue reading

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Leelawadee – First Impressions, stopping to smell the flowers

Leelawadee Corné van Moorsel of Cwali has a knack for producing unusual games. Probably best known for Factory Fun, his themes are highly varied from Subulata, a game about grasshoppers crossing water lilies, to Mondriaan 2020, an abstract about abstracts. … Continue reading

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First Impression – Say Bye to the Villains

I remember watching Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and Yojimbo as a youngster and was fascinated by the samurai heroes in those movies. Seiji Kanai‘s game Say Bye to the Villains evokes the fun I had cheering on those good guys. Say … Continue reading

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First Impression – A Short Safari on String Savanna

Ok I admit it, I am a huge sucker for animal/zoo themed games. As a kid I wanted to grow up and be a zookeeper, that was before I figured out I’d have to clean a lot of cages. Still, … Continue reading

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First Impressions – More on Japan’s Mini-games

With the enormous popularity of Love Letter, I think it’s a fine time to explore what I’ll call the Minimalist Movement from Japan. Apparently the tradition at the Japanese Game Market is to try and design a small game with … Continue reading

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OddVille a First Impression

I passed this title by last fall, amidst the general buzz of the bigger, heavier games released at Essen. Seeing the lack of reviews under the entry on BGG, I guess I wasn’t the only one! I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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More First impressions from the EGG Head on Essen ’12

Myrmes, the ant game. We played a 4 player game. A game of resource collecting and maximizing your moves.  I spent a good portion of the game figuring out all the different actions and how best to utilize resources and … Continue reading

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EGG Head’s Essen ’12 First Impressions

Didn’t have much time to play games while in Essen so am trying to catch up this week! P.I. Martin Wallace meets Mastermind. Kind of film noir art design. Nice little deduction game. If you like quick deduction games where … Continue reading

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Quest for the Treasure of Essen Spiel

Greetings! I am the all powerful wizard, Lorna, here to detail my account of our party’s quest for the treasure of Essen Spiel. Our adventure began with the arrival of all party members: our leader, the sorcerer, Mad Ted, his … Continue reading

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First Impressions: 1830 Cardgame and Thousand Islands Railway

I couldn’t wait to try out the new games from Winsome this year. I am a huge Locomotive Werks fan and Dieter Danziger also designed 1830 Cardgame. I like the idea of 18XX games but they are just a little … Continue reading

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