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Essen 2014 First Impressions

Home again and recovering. Had a great time as usual but I didn’t buy as many big games as usual, mostly because some of them offered shipping post Essen and I hope they start arriving soon. I purchased a number … Continue reading

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Essen Preview-Onitama

Onitama will be seeing a general release this year at Essen. This my first impression of this great little game. First off, I am a fan of abstracts, particularly abstracts that can be played in under 15 minutes. Onitama is … Continue reading

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Essen 2014 Quick Reviews and Previews Japon Brand

Essen Quick Previews-Okazu Games Isaribi   by Hisashi  Hayashi will make  its Essen debut this fall.  The designer is one of my favorites with a diverse portfolio of games that I enjoy playing and admire for the innovations such as … Continue reading

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Go, Whacky, Go! a short review

I admit it, I am a game snob. I know what I like and what I don’t like. If you had told me I’d be having fun with a roll and move based on an 80’s video game, I would … Continue reading

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Leelawadee – First Impressions, stopping to smell the flowers

Leelawadee Corné van Moorsel of Cwali has a knack for producing unusual games. Probably best known for Factory Fun, his themes are highly varied from Subulata, a game about grasshoppers crossing water lilies, to Mondriaan 2020, an abstract about abstracts. … Continue reading

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First Impression – Say Bye to the Villains

I remember watching Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and Yojimbo as a youngster and was fascinated by the samurai heroes in those movies. Seiji Kanai‘s game Say Bye to the Villains evokes the fun I had cheering on those good guys. Say … Continue reading

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First Impression – A Short Safari on String Savanna

Ok I admit it, I am a huge sucker for animal/zoo themed games. As a kid I wanted to grow up and be a zookeeper, that was before I figured out I’d have to clean a lot of cages. Still, … Continue reading

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First Impressions – More on Japan’s Mini-games

With the enormous popularity of Love Letter, I think it’s a fine time to explore what I’ll call the Minimalist Movement from Japan. Apparently the tradition at the Japanese Game Market is to try and design a small game with … Continue reading

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OddVille a First Impression

I passed this title by last fall, amidst the general buzz of the bigger, heavier games released at Essen. Seeing the lack of reviews under the entry on BGG, I guess I wasn’t the only one! I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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More First impressions from the EGG Head on Essen ’12

Myrmes, the ant game. We played a 4 player game. A game of resource collecting and maximizing your moves.  I spent a good portion of the game figuring out all the different actions and how best to utilize resources and … Continue reading

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