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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.

Dale Yu: Review of Rothbo

So, I’m sure most of you have read the title of the column and are trying to search for a game called Rothbo.  You won’t find it that way, because the Rothbo isn’t a game – but rather a “rotating … Continue reading

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OP Mailbag – Game recommendation sought

Occasionally we get comments via email from readers of the blog.  Just this week, the following question was posed to us – and I thought it would be a good idea to run the question by the writers of the … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Helios

  Helios Designer: Matthias Prinz & Martin Kallenborn Publisher: Z-man / Hans im Glueck Ages: 10+ Time: ~60-90 min Players: 2-4 Times played: 7 (3 on review copy provided by Z-Man) Helios is a new spring 2014 release from Hans … Continue reading

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Guest Column – 1963 Game Diary – Sid Sackson – An Overview by Chris Kovac

From time to time, the Opinionated Gamers are happy to host writing from some noted gamers.  Chris Kovac is a good friend of mine, despite his Canadian-ness ;), who asked to contribute a piece on Sid Sackson.  This is a … Continue reading

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Quickie report from Origins

Due to a number of schedule constraints, including but not limited to my upcoming trip to Hamburg for the Kinderspiel des Jahres award ceremony, I was only able to spend a single day in Columbus this year… Here is a … Continue reading

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Now less blurry

For wem

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Live from origins

Ok. More later. But breaking news here. New promo for dominion secretly released by RGG.

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Kickshot Review

Dale Yu: Review of KickShot   It’s that time again, when for a brief moment every four years, the American public looks up and realizes that there is another “football” being played here.  Despite the fact that youth participation in … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Vikings (Z-man)

Vikings Designer: Michael Kiesling Publisher: Z-Man (originally by Hans im Gluck in 2007) Players: 2-4 Ages: 10+ Time: 60-75 minutes Times played: at least 20, but specifically three with the newest 2014 Z-man edition Vikings is an older game which … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Hollywood

  Hollywood Designer: Nikolay Pegasov Publisher: Hobby World Players: 2-6 Ages: 10+ Time: 30-45 min Times played: 4 with review copy provided by Hobby World Hobby World is a newer publisher that is bringing Russian designed games to the American … Continue reading

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