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Larry Levy: Designer of the Decade

Last month, an article appeared in Fortress: Ameritrash ( in which the author, Gary Sax, makes the case that Corey Konieczka, one of Fantasy Flight Games’ leading designers, is the greatest game designer of the past 10 years.  It’s certainly … Continue reading

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60 Years of Designer of the Year Awards

The folks who have been following my Designer of the Year articles over the years know that I’ve actually taken the awards all the way back to 1955.  Last year, after I posted my article, a few readers asked if I … Continue reading

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Larry Levy: 2014 Designer of the Year Award

As you probably know, they just announced the winners of the Golden Geek awards over on the Geek.  I hope a lot of you participated in the voting.  This year, Aldie and his merry crew added even more categories.  So … Continue reading

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Last Year’s Notable Notables

Last year Larry Levy and Tom Rosen wrote a series of articles called Notable Notables.  They looked at each of the last 20 years and listed the five most notable games released during each of those periods.  They also did … Continue reading

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Princes of Florence – What if it had been an Essen 2014 release?

Assertion: Princes of Florence would have been a middle of the pack game if it had been released at Essen 2014. Agree or disagree? Imaginary review of a new game called Princes of Florence: PoF has tons of auctions, and … Continue reading

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Desert Island Variants & House Rules

OGers’ Favorite Official Variants and House Rules as of the end of 2014 Acquire – Open Shares – Dale Joe – That’s not a variant.  Playing with trackable information open is a play style choice, not a variant in my … Continue reading

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Why are Most Dice Games Light?

Do dice games need to be light?  Often they are lighter versions of card and board games, but why is that?  Yes, there are exceptions, including Roll for the Galaxy and the forthcoming Biblios Dice, but in general, they are … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Musée

  Musée Designer: Alf Seegert Publisher: Gryphon Games Players: 2-4 Ages: 8+ Time: ~30 minutes Times Played: 4, with review copy provided by Gryphon Musée is a quick little card game where players try to arrange their works of art … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and Zombies, Oh My!

I’m so tired of shambling hordes, but the zombie games keep coming towards me. What is your favorite zombie game and why? Greg Schloesser: I am frankly perplexed as to the popularity of zombies.  Yes, they make for a good … Continue reading

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Jonathan Degann – Review of Kanban: Automotive Revolution (Stronghold)

Design by Vital Lacerda Published by Stronghold Games 2-4 Players  30 minutes per player (conservative) Review by Jonathan Degann Times played: 4 Vital Lacerda’s latest game “Kanban: Automotive Revolution” puts players into a car factory where they’ll need to acquire … Continue reading

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