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Preview/First Impression: Dragon’s Path

Preview/First Impression: Dragon’s Path Designer: Ágoston Erdélyi Artist: Dorottya Kitka (conceptual artwork) and Béla Lajos Nagy (design) 2-4 players 30-40 minutes Last month, I got a review game in the mail from Hungary. Not knowing what to expect, I tore … Continue reading

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iBoardgaming – Eclectic Fall 2014

Perhaps a surprise to the hard-core boardgamers, there are strategic apps on the app store that are NOT direct ports of boardgames. Here’s a selection of various game apps (including wargames and collectible card games) that might be worth a … Continue reading

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Holiday Guides have started…

It’s that time of year…  For about 11 years I’ve been posting holiday boardgame suggestions to the “videogame masses” over at  Those who want a peek into my cluttered, way behind in the hotness mind can go take a … Continue reading

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The Essen Experience: Week 4

Once again, Ben, KAS, and Larry (Tom would join us in the evening) intrepidly plowed our way through more of our Essen haul last Saturday.  What with BGG.con coming the following week (sadly, I will not be attending, but the … Continue reading

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The Essen Experience: Week 3

Yet another week in which Ben, Tom (who decided to join us again), KAS, and Larry work their way through the pile of shiny new Essen games we’ve acquired.  While there have been some fun titles, I’ve yet to find … Continue reading

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The Essen Experience: Week 2—Day of the Dice

Last Saturday, we once again got together to play some of the new Essen games my buddies Ben and KAS had just purchased.  Tom wasn’t able to join us, but three was still more than enough to get in some … Continue reading

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iBoardgaming – Fall 2014

Welcome back to iBoardgaming, it’s been awhile. (Amazing what adding a third child into the family can do.) A good crop of games has arrived in the past few seasons and it’s more than time to give them a proper … Continue reading

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The Essen Experience: Week 1

They’re finally here:  the new Essen games! For the card-carrying Cult of the New gamer, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Last Saturday, I got together with my good friends KAS (on the Geek) and fellow … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon

Probably my last post from the Messe. A few more meetings this afternoon and then a last trip around the halls to see what is worthy of the last 2.7 lbs of weight that I have.  Here is the stack … Continue reading

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Saturday morning part 2

Looking forward to 2015. Hopefully coming from 2f next year.  I have seen it at the gathering. Friedemann reminded me at breakfast that I can talk about it in April

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