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DMCA request to

Since the content is going to be copied soon, I figured they can host my DMCA request to them —

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This is to formally request that stop stealing our content.

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Russian Railroads Wins 2014 DSP Award!

The winner of the 2014 Deutscher Spielepreis (DSP), the heavier of the two major German Game of the Year awards, is Russian Railroads.  The game was designed by Helmut Ohley and Lonny Orgler and was published by Hans im Gluck. … Continue reading

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Essen Preview-Onitama

Onitama will be seeing a general release this year at Essen. This my first impression of this great little game. First off, I am a fan of abstracts, particularly abstracts that can be played in under 15 minutes. Onitama is … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: GenCon 2014 Mega Rundown – Eclectic

GenCon is split into three roughly comparable parts.  We’ve already talked about the boardgaming side of things, but there are also a host of gamers there to compete and play in trading card games.  Possibly the largest segment in attendance are … Continue reading

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Soup’s On! Point Salad Games: A Roundtable Discussion

One of the hot terms being bandied about a lot these days in this wonderful hobby of ours is Point Salad games.  Unfortunately, it’s not obvious that there’s anything close to consensus about exactly what that label means.  To try … Continue reading

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Gen Con 2014 report – the weekend

The mad dash continued through the weekend, with me running around in the morning trying to play as many new games (mostly ones that are not yet released since I bought most of the new releases already) as possible, working … Continue reading

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