Board 2 Pieces March 8, 2012: Bagging Monthly: Sleeving Poker Chips

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3 Responses to Board 2 Pieces March 8, 2012: Bagging Monthly: Sleeving Poker Chips

  1. Ben (chally) says:

    I feel like I’m getting mixed messages from you here, Ted. Most of the time, I find your strip to be a much-needed public service announcement on the importance of board game care (or “preventative maintence,” as I like to call it) and logical bit organization. I agree that strict adherence to the proper rules of bagging, sleeving, compartmentalizing, and otherwise protecting the game from its players will make the experience more fun for all involved.

    Every so often, however, one goes ALMOST far enough to make me think the whole thing is satire. What gives?

  2. huzonfirst says:

    Nothing “gives”, Ben. The Internet is serious business! Clearly, each piece of game equipment is precious and should be double sleeved, just to make ABSOLUTELY certain that no damage can possibly occur. This includes gaming snacks and possibly the players themselves. Additionally, poker chips should ALWAYS be used in EVERY game, whether or not it includes currency. Hey, you could always use them to count your actions or to weigh down your player aids in the event of a sudden typhoon.

    Given these two absolutes, what could possibly make more sense than sleeving your poker chips? If I didn’t know you better, Ben, I’d say you weren’t really serious about game safety!

  3. deckhand says:

    At the risk of being too serious, I will point out that Ted is Leo. So, if it wasn’t clear to all, he isn’t actually suggesing bagging your poker chips. However this is completely out of character for him. And he didn’t even mention the main reason to bag them (same reason as bagging anything): to keep them sorted.

    OTOH, I still say, just sweep everything up and dump it all in the box. Saves so much time in putting the game away. Time which could be spent playing another game. Let the game owner sort it out. He’d probably be upset if you mxied the red and blue chips in the same bag anyway.

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