Final post from my first day at the gathering

Though the event doesn’t start until tomorrow, I had a pretty good first day.

Played a decent list of games, mostly fillers and light stuff.

Gib gas
Flizz & miez
Flash 10 x 2
Ted’s party game proto
Flizz & miez

Also had three high calorie meals, a two mile hike while letterboxing, and over 13500 steps on fitbit. Oh, and I managed to venture to Canada and confirm that my new passport card works.

A number of the OG writers are here, but I’m not sure how many will write during the gathering itself. 

A few more pictures


The ballroom around 11pm. Not many people. Maybe 6 active tables.  Right now, the games I see in play are:

2 prototypes
Buccaneer bones
Camel cup


Speaking of subdivision, here are the prototype boxes of the two games I am working on right now.


Here are the games that I brought. Partly for you to see and partly so that I have a record on my phone of what I brought when it’s time to pack up.


Some other people bring lots more. This entire corner was brought by a single gamer! I’m guessing that he didn’t fly here…


And finally, this is one of the main halls.  There is this ominous bit of scaffolding. Is it:

1) swimsuit changing area?
2) poorly sound insulated werewolf room?
3) area for the variety show
4) a really bad roof leak?

I’m thinking it’s #4 but not entirely sure.  More updates later.  The Bummer is that this space usually has 6 to 8 tables filling up this area. 

Ok time for bed.  I have a busy day of gaming to get ready for!

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Dale Yu is the Editor of the Opinionated Gamers. He can occasionally be found working as a volunteer administrator for BoardGameGeek, and he previously wrote for BoardGame News.
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2 Responses to Final post from my first day at the gathering

  1. jeffinberlin says:

    What? You didn’t peak?

    There seems to be an eerie glow seeping through the open spaces above and below the curtain.
    My guess: a top secret–possibly life-threateningly dangerous–prototype being worked on by mad scientist game designers.

    Or a chamber for the board game illuminati to meet in the middle of the night while the rest of the con is sleeping or distracted by Werewolf games.

    Either way, I think you’re somehow involved, Dale, even if you pretend not to be:-)

  2. Eric Brosius says:

    It’s a “What’s He Building in There?” situation, I’m sure!

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