Friday dinner time

After northerwind, time for socializing. I did talk to rep from ZMan who says that North Wind is definitely coming, but no date yet.

Then brian and jp wanted to play Helios, so it got play #2. It’s still good but I prefer it with 4 than 3. 

Now it’s mealtime. Duff’s buffalo wings!


This warning also begs the question why the sauces aren’t just called hot, very hot, and very very hot. 

Afterwards, a bit of grocery shopping…  They have different treats here in western ny. Who here has ever tried gummy cheesecake?


After dinner, more new games.  First up, Istanbul from Pegasus.


Actually, here is a picture of the game in action. We played with the basic setup. It worked fine. I will definitely play with a random board setup before I leave. I think it will be much better with the random board. Currently this is my favorite new game not designed


The room is filling up. I’d estimate 80 here now.


Alan got a new hat apparently…

Next new game – Burgenland



It’s a simple game. Draw cards or Play a set of 4 cards of the appropriate colors (determined by the shields on each side of a city)   certain limitations on each type of piece.  First player the play all of his wooden bits wins

The game goes thru fits where all players draw for two or three turns in a row, and then they build. 

Colors can be confusing. There are two blues…


If you’re not paying attention, they can be easily confused.

Overall, it’s a good family game.

Then time to build Gardens.


It’s my third play, and I must admit that it is really growing on me.  (see what I did there?)


Dimension again.
One sentence review :3D uluru.



My board and the current set of rules

I still like the game, but it really could use huge player shields!

Photo essay on what is in play coming up next hopefully.

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3 Responses to Friday dinner time

  1. Eric Brosius says:

    “This warning also begs the question why the sauces aren’t just called hot, very hot, and very very hot.”

    It’s like Tall, Vente and Grande?

  2. DLE says:

    Rumor has it that the English language release of Istanbul will be titled Constantinople. ;-)

  3. shigadeyo says:

    Gummy anything is good, so Gummy Cheesecake is probably awesome!

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