Second day, part 1

930 am

7 live tables.

Jeff from zman setting up


I think I am about to talk him into playing Helios or North Wind

Peter Eggert has Camel Cup out again


Upon a fable?


This wasn’t in play, but at least one reader will want to know this is here…

Now time for a short business meeting and then I’m going to be taught Helios and hopefully North Wind


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7 Responses to Second day, part 1

  1. Very excited about North Wind… and Upon a Fable is a lighter fairy-tale themed homage to Agricola.

  2. Garry R says:

    I’m curious to hear more about Kemble’s Cascade:)…sounds chaotic, but I’m curious to see how it plays. It sounds like it could be alot of fun somewhat a la Galaxy Trucker.

    • Dale Yu says:

      We passed on it today. When the demo was graciously offered by zman. We didn’t have the two hours that the learning game was supposed to take

  3. Damien BGG ID: dtroy_de_rapcore says:

    Can’t seem to locate North Wind on BGG. Perhaps in a game yet to be announced?

  4. shigadeyo says:

    Ooh, Gipsy King! Superb!

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