Second day, part 2 (noon-ish)

Just played Helios. It’s really good. Full review to follow at some point after I’ve played it more and I’m not typing on my phone.


You have 3 possible actions, build land, build buildings or move your sun. With those actions, you move wooden bits and cardboard chits around.

There is some clever timing with choosing actions as you can generate free extra actions (based on the color of the action chits you take)

I stumbled into a temple heavy strategy and got the two personalities that gave huge bonuses for temples.

Me 211
Jeff 118
Jennifer 140ish

The teaching game goes fairly well, took about 75 minutes for 3p game with rules. I’d think my group will play this in 30-40 minutes once we’re familiar with it.


My winning setup.

The goodie bags have arrived as well


Scads of bags awaiting for guests.


Contained in this dominion bag is…


Thanks to everyone who contributed! Lots of cool things. I got pink TtR trains due to luck of the draw… I’m pretty excited about that as now Karen will have her own Color to play when we break TtR out at home.

As far as games here, Z-man is here with a bunch (mentioned earlier).  Eggert, Abacus, Zoch, Bezier, CGE and Eagle/Gryphon are here with new stuff.

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3 Responses to Second day, part 2 (noon-ish)

  1. knuffi1964 says:

    Glad to learn that Helios meets with your approval…can’t wait to give it a go. And yay for pink trains!!

  2. Damien BGG ID: dtroy_de_rapcore says:

    I’m pretty excited about Helios. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. shigadeyo says:

    Very cool! Glad to hear that Helios is good!

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