Second day, part 3

Lunch at the local Culinary Institute. Quite yummy.

After lunch, time for Splendor, the new one from Space Cowboys and Asmodee.  I have played this before at GenCon.

It’s a cute engine building game. You buy cards with gems. Cards provide gems that can be used for more cards

30 mins. Lots of fun

Then next Norderwind


Well… It’s no Settlers.
It’s kinda like multi player Catan card game

Actually, it’s fine for a family game.  I’d be happy to play this with the kids or non gamers.

More people arriving. Ten tables in play at 1500

Gib gas
Czech prototype
Baseball 2045 something or other

And as an extra bonus, I think I just won a copy of Continental Divide (Winsome) after performing a feat of strength.  (that blue tarped area had a Festivus aluminum pole behind it)

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  1. Baseball Highlights 2045 – it’s Mike Fitzgerald’s newest design.

  2. huzonfirst says:

    And one I’m very much looking forward to trying out!

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