Saturday lunch

More on the chocolate.

“extreme ”
Foil wrapped surprise
White chocolate coated lumpy thing


The rest of the morning was spent teaching my new Carrera games to some gamers.

Then lunch – back to Ted’s for more hot dogs and then Anderson’s for frozen custard. 

Then letterboxing – a fun trip to find a single letterbox.

Then I had a bit of time for catching up with Jay from RGG. I had a nice chat, and a chance to catch up about all things dominion.



This is the third time that the same group has met to play this game.


(some of the space cowboys…)

Awesome. Played the game 4 times over 5 and a half hours.  We finally won the game!

I wish that I could tell you more but this is the sort of game that could be spoiled by too much information.

That’s about all I played today.  You don’t get many games in when you spend 330 minutes on a single game!

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