Sunday afternoon

I realized that I didn’t actually show you the sub…


16″ steak and cheese sub.
Probably about 400 calories

After lunch, a potential Essen 14 release, Spike from R&R games and Stephen Glenn.

Here is a picture of the board. Can you figure out what we’re doing?

It’s a quick game, about 45 minutes long for 4p. Lots of competition on the map while you try to build your network.


It’s really good and I had an interesting conversation with the designer about the way the game works.  This already goes on my Anticipated at Essen list.

After Spike, Martin from zman brought the new Pandemic : the Cure.


It’s Pandemic the dice game.  We played with 5. There are a ton of dice in the game – 85! I will be quite interested to see how they are able to produce this at an affordable price point, especially because none of the dice are standard d6


Current prototype container…


Prototype version in progress

It’s a great dice based adaptation of the game.  They are currently looking at 14mm dice, so the box will probably be pretty big to hold all of them!

Then I spent the better part of the afternoon showing folks how to play all 3 of the Carrera games.

Next up, another run at Istanbul… More writing later

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  1. Jacob says:

    Istanbul – that’s one I’m interested in!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Istanbul is great.

  3. Two games (Spike & Pandemic Dice) that I am incredibly excited about… sheesh.

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