Monday morning. Last full day!

Started off with a new game, Baseball Highlights 2045.


It’s an interesting card game where each player is playing both offense and defense at the same time. 

It’s a cute 2 player game that captures the flavor of baseball with a nice bit of deck building thrown in.

The box says 4p but that seems to just be two simultaneous 2p games in a “tournament”…

Still a few new games left.  Han


Essentially Web of power v. 3.0.  There are two boards included with different rules for each side.  Big difference so far, regions score as soon as they are filled with houses and there is no interim scoring when you shuffle. 

After that, lunch was at the Griffon Pub, a local gastropub. Found my favorite Russian Imperial Stout for an amazing $5 per pint. (North coast old rasputin)  

Lunch was buffalo chicken deviled eggs, croque monsieur and their take on poutine with smoked gouda cheese curds. 




I didn’t get the chicken and waffle sandwich but it looked awesome


I got the croque monsieur (with pears inside) with smoked gouda shells and cheese. 

At Janna’s request, we had (her)  Pillows of Love for dessert. Fried dough with cinnamon sugar abd dipping sauces.


The fun bunch from lunch


Now that I’m about 3,000 calories into my recommended 1800 calories for the day, time for more games.  Back to the hotel.  I give us a 40% chance of stopping for frozen custard on the way home. 

Only about 6 more hours of gaming time left for me in GoF 2014!

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  1. shigadeyo says:

    Old Raspy is always a great choice! I’m not sure if I’ve been more excited hearing about all the games or all the great food… I’m definitely jealous on the beer and food side of things!b Glad to hear the week has been so fun.

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