Sunday night.

Istanbul might be one of my favorites of the new games thus far (well at least among the games that I’m not involved with) . Played it twice, and want to play it more…

We played the second time with a random setup and it plays much more interestingly than the first time setup recommended for your first play in the rules. 

Admittedly. I’ve played it twice with awesome groups both times, and that certainly colors how I might like a game.

Now, another try at abluxxen. Eric Martin has become the local GoF cheerleader for the game. I have already had this at home once (bought it in Essen) and we were nonplussed by it.


I was worried that I had played by the wrong rules given that many other people here love it. However, were able to read the translation correctly and the game isn’t any different. 

It is still mostly harmless. But I don’t see the reason for the love.  Nothing here to make me want to kick something else out of the oversized card game drawer.
This was followed by another run at Qwixx the card game. I would only play this with the Joker variant. It sucked without it. It’s decent with jokers. Scores are higher than the dice game but the fun and excitement still seems less. 


We played it twice to confirm that it is a game. But still not as good as the dice.

Next up –  the wait for dinner game. It’s sometimes hard to coordinate a meal because everyone has different schedules with different length games. We finished first and went to hurry our dinner dates along…

While we were waiting for their game of Fortune and Glory to end,  we grabbed Exxtra as there were 4 copies of that game in the little side room where they were fighting the Nazis.


Still waiting for aldie to finish up, so next up is Potato Man. I have never heard of it before. But I’m hoping it makes me hungry. 

It’s a trick taking card game with sacks of potatoes. Each player has to play a different color suit in the trick, and the highest number wins. Different amounts of victory points are scored for each trick, depending on which color card won the trick. If someone can’t legally play a card, the hand ends.   It’s cute but nothing I need to add to my burgeoning drawer of trick taking games.

Luck they finished quickly and we left for dinner. 

Selfie from dinner


We went to a. Bbq place in Lewiston


It’s the sort of restaurant where they offer a shot of Evan Williams as a side dish.  Who wants corn or potatoes. Give me the booze with my plate of meat.



Here is the dinner sampler that Aldie ordered… We also found a new frozen custard stand. Western NY is littered with these, and man are they good.

After dinner, more new games – but given the hour and the liquid side dishes from dinner, I felt like I should stick to lighter stuff. 

First,  Cuatro


Yahtzee with a board essentially where you place wooden bits based on your roll.


You get 5 rolls instead of 3,and the more you roll, the more limited you are in placement.

After that, the reaction game of Putz die Wutz.

Roll 3 dice.  Figure out how many splotches of what color are needed.  Then just before you know the answer, watch Wei hwa take the right bar of soap


Next up. Scharfe schoten.

A weird trick taking game. You have to bid on which suits you will take the most cards in and the least in.


Actually quite a brain burner as far as trick takers go.

The finals of the Chimera tournament happened tonight as well. I think frank dilorenzo won. Kevin must have been second. 


Here is his first prize.

The nightcap for me is the Abacus shelf.

Ab in die Tonne was first. This is a dexterity game where you throw garbage into the can.  


Ok. One more. The actual Last game of the night – Splendor… for the second time this week. This is the other new game that is currently available that I am hot to trot about.

I have still never lost at Splendor. This record is not as impressive as Frank Dilorenzo’s lifetime undefeated record at Coal Baron, a streak now over 20 games running.

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3 Responses to Sunday night.

  1. csberg says:

    I’d love to hear your opinion on Baseball Highlights 2045 by Mike Fitzgerald.

  2. Craig says:

    I’ll second Eric Martin’s opinion of Abluxxen. I played it Saturday night at the GoF and while part of the entertainment could have been the group and the beverages consumed at dinner, I thought the game which is just plain stupidly simple offered quick yet interesting choices. Dale’s got this one all wrong. Missed out on Splendor and Istanbul, but hope to try those when I return this weekend. Helios got three plays so far which says something and I really enjoyed Chimera, though I was hoping the bidding aspect would be more interesting.

  3. Damien BGG ID: dtroy_de_rapcore says:

    Another fan of Istanbul here. Come to think of it, I think the game is too simple for me, but there’s just something that I love about the game, it could be either the real city (which I’m fond of) or it was designed by Rudiger Dorn.

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