Good night gathering

Last post from Niagara. 

After the low fat lunch, back for more games. Took another group through Start Frei.  The two lap beginning track is taking about 45 minutes now which is just right for me given the weight of the game. 

After that more Splendor. Still fun and easy. I have started to reserve more tiles. It’s a powerful strategy.
Next up , Citrus. 


I still like this one a lot and it was nice to get a chance to show this to some fellow gamers.

After that, more teaching of the Carrera games.  All three were in play at the same time!

Dinner was back out in Lewiston. We headed back out there to look for a few letterboxes. Dinner tonight was at the Spicey Pickle, which is really just a local Chipotle.


Importantly, they recommend that you park your Pickle in the rear.


Dessert was more frozen custard. The flavors change daily. Today was Banana.  Wow was it good. 



Back to the ballroom for a few more games (before time to pack up)

Dan had wanted to try Origin, so we got it out again.


It’s still a bit fiddly. But there is an interesting game hiding behind that.  Whether it’s enough to Eclipse the fiddliness remains to be seen but the game remains in the collection, so it will probably get at least one more go.

My possible last game of the night is a recurring proto from Friedemann. I have played it in the past few years but it is still a work in progress. 

Ok I lied. One more game of Helios while I’m packing up. But then it’s bedtime as I have a long drive home tomorrow

Hope you enjoyed reading about my week… I certainly had fun doing it!

(and as Tom Rosen would say… And now I’ve got to go to the bathroom)

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4 Responses to Good night gathering

  1. brianfrahm says:

    Dale – great job capturing both the food and the fun. Really made it come to life for me!

    • Dale Yu says:

      Well, as you can probably tell… A good one-fourth to one – third of my time here is spent on meals and socializing. This is probably a higher proportion than most, but I have learned that I treasure these great meals and time spent with Friends as much as the games. After all, I will probably get a chance to try the new games that are here back home if I wait long enough, but I have many friends here that I only see once or twice a year!

  2. gschloesser says:

    Thanks so much for all of the updates, Dale. I am saddened that my flight was delayed and I will not arrive until today, thus missing sharing some fun times with you.

  3. drpunchy says:

    A really great job on it buddy!!

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