Boardgamers’ trip to Essen Spiel (and more) this fall!

Have you often wondered what it would be like to attend Essen Spiel, seeing all the new games when they first make their public debuts, playing them first, and then bringing back a suitcase (or two) filled with the latest releases? Of course doing so isn’t just the expense of the plane ticket and the hotel, but also the ridiculous amount of work it is to set up the trip, finding the hotel, not being sure what to see exactly or where to go, and of course, if there will be anyone to play with each evening. And often for Essen first-time goers, they want to tack on some sightseeing to the trip too, which means even more arrangements.

Essen Spiel hall (rav)

I’ve been going to Essen every year since 2005, but I remember clearly that first trip; I didn’t know a lot of people there, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and I didn’t know exactly where to go. But even with all that not-knowing, it was still a pretty amazing trip.

neuschwantstein w fog

A good friend of mine, Gordon Wohlers, who in addition to being a gamer and all-around-good-guy also worked in the travel industry, has set up a trip specifically for gamers to get the most out of Essen, and has included a tour of several cities beforehand…with gaming scheduled in each of those cities! I worked on the itinerary with him, and in the week leading up to Essen, trip goers will visit Berlin, Prague, Munich, Stuttgart, and Heidelberg, stopping at famous castles along the way, including Neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired the DisneyWorld/Land castles) and a tour of LudoFact, the biggest board game printer/manufacturer in the world!

The tour runs from October 6-October 19th (the week before and during Essen Spiel). All the details are available at I signed up right away, and can’t wait to go!
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2 Responses to Boardgamers’ trip to Essen Spiel (and more) this fall!

  1. I tried to send them questions to the email listed,, but the mail came back as undeliverable, email address does not exist. I tried from two different email accounts. Is there a different email to try?

  2. I’m so sorry. I have changes the links to go to this address. gwohlers(at) Again, sorry for the hang up. Hope to travel and game with you in the future.

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