Italians goes Essen: part 1

Some years ago I was used to make a collection of Italian releases in Essen: was not so much time ago but it looks like it was another life. Once upon a time almost all Italian designers were publishing for Italians but nowadays a full list of Italian publishers releases and Italian designers releases is not easy to prepare. Luckily the old Italian saying “moglie e buoi dei paesi tuoi” (it sitalians-goes-essenomething like ‘wife and cows just from your home’) is not true anymore and so I’m sure I’m missing something in this huge report … and it is not easy also to really define what is an Essen release in the mess of GenCon releases, kickstarter projects published and so on … anyway, here my list with some comments about games I have tested or heard about. I splitted this article in two parts since there is really a lot to write about … I hope it could be useful .

I will start with some games not yet covered by me here …

AquaBrunchAqua Brunch by Luca Borsa and Luca Bellini published by Stratelibri. It is a nice card game where you have to try to get a strong hands passing, turn by turn, a card (something like, I think, Spoon). When the turn is over, before revealing the cards, you have to bet points … it is nice and it works.

3-7 players, age 8+, 20 minutes

dogsofwarDogs of War by Paolo Mori from Cool Mini or Not is already published in US will not be in Essen. It is a well designed german (I have already played 2 times) with a gorgeous outfit. I’ll write about in the next weeks, interviewing the designer as well.

3-5 players, age 14+, 75 minutes

kingsportKingsport Festival by Andrea Chiarvesio and Gianluca Santopietro from Stratelibri is actually one of the most awaited Italian essen release, thanks to the theme and the success of Kingsburg. You can read Dale Yu first impression.

3-5 players, age 12+, 90 minutes

ThegoldenAgeThe Golden Ages by Luigi Ferrini from Ergo Ludo Editions is a game a heared about just few days ago. Actually I discovered it was quite well covered by Italian bloggers and it is from a new Italian publisher that is mostly interested in international releases (something close to what Ares is doing). It looks like a real civ-lite, something I’m looking for from many years so I really hope to be able to get a copy and try it.
You ca read a full preview (unluckily only in Italian) on
It looks like it have a bit of civilization and a bit of history of the world/britannia (with different civilizations in different ages).

2-4 players, age 12+, 90 minutes

HYPERBOREA_coverHyperborea by Andrea Chiarvesio e Pierluca Zizzi from Asterion and Yemaia is probably one of the Italian games most hyped. An innovative bag-building games with conquest, explorations, tech-evolution and a lot more.

2-6 players, age 12+, 90 minutes

hexemoniaHexemonia by Fabio Attioli from Pendragon Games Studio is another hyped Italian release I’m waiting to play. I got a lot of informations about it you can find in my detailed preview but still have to play the final version I hope to grab in Essen

2-4 players, age 13+, 45 minutes

Cranio Creations Releases
CranioCreationsLOGOAfter the scission (that generated Horrible Games), Cranio Creations production didn’t stop. This year in Essen will be presented three light/party-games Bim Bum Bam, Valentina, Soqquadro and a gamers game: Dungeon Bazar.

I have already covered these games in details.

Red Glove Releases
RedGloveThe three major Red Glove releases for gamers are GodZ, a great gamers games I have already covered in details, Vudù, a totally crazy party games released with success in PLAY: The Games Festival last year in Modena and Super Fantasy: Night of the Badly Dead, a new implementation of Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assoult, with some little (but great) changes and a total new settings including 6 new heroes full of powers.
Red Glove also release 9 games for the Junior series: what is really interesting about this games is the design project behind the scene. You can reads about it in the Marco Valtriani designer diaries.

dV Giochi Releases
dvgiochiThis year I’m not really been in contact with dV Giochi about their Essen releases. I just got the standard press-releases and nothing more. So I can’t really say something new about Bang! The Valley of Shadows, Dark Tales, Dark Tales: Snow White or Hoshi Battles. I hope to fill the gap after Essen and be able to write something more about these games. Releases
giochixSince from the beginning I’m never been able to really get informations and preview/review copies of games so I can’t really say nothing about Essen’s releases. started a nice crowfunding project, called that is going quite well.
I know there will be Historia and also Kanban: automotive revolution got funded but I don’t know if it will be in the messe.
Oklahoma Boomers got funded too and will be in Essen from Emma Games.

Ares Games Releases
AresGamesI’m used to get a lot of detailed infos for previews and reviews by Ares but I must admit I’m getting to Essen almost unaware of what Roberto di Meglio and friends are presenting: mostly because I forgot to ask news in time! Of course the main news about Ares is The Battle of the Five Armies, already presented in GenCon. But in Essen we will see the release of Dino Race, a fun race game with fantastic dino’s miniatures, and of course something new for Wings of Glory: WW2. Finally I hope something new for Galaxy Defenders, I previewed here times ago.

In the next article I’ll talk about releases from Placentia Games, Horrible Games, Winterlair, Oliphante and many others …

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