Nominated Games for the 2017 Meeples Choice Awards

The Spielfrieks user group has finished their first week of voting for the Meeples Choice Awards.  27 games have received nominations.  During the coming week, the voters will select their favorites from that group and the top three vote getters will be crowned as the MCA winners for 2017.

Here is the list of nominated games, in alphabetical order.

Clans of Caledonia
Codenames Duet
Dinosaur Island
Gaia Project
Heaven & Ale
Jump Drive
Magic Maze
Pulsar 2849
Rajas of the Ganges
Santa Maria
Sidereal Confluence
The 7th Continent
The Quest for El Dorado

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3 Responses to Nominated Games for the 2017 Meeples Choice Awards

  1. Joe Huber says:

    I’m amused to see that 1/3 of the finalists – exactly 9 of the games – are ones I rate as Not For Me. And another 7 I’ve intentionally avoided…

  2. Eric Brosius says:

    Of the 27 games listed, I like Jump Drive.

  3. Here would be my ranking based on what I have played. As I said in an email to my friends, I am afraid it is a ranking based on “weight”.

    I believe it was a great year, with SO MANY new releases of quality.

    1. Lisboa
    2. Clans of Caledonia
    3. Sidereal Confluence
    4. Pulsar 2849
    5. Heaven & Ale
    6. Gentes
    7. Rajas of the Ganges
    8. Ethnos
    9. Altiplano
    10. Azul
    11. Sagrada
    12. The Quest for El Dorado
    13. Photosynthesis
    14. Barenpark
    15. Magic Maze
    16. Codenames Duet


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