Opinionated Gamers Spiel Want Lists Part 3

Larry’s Top Essen Wants

1. Anno 1800 – Wallace’s economic designs are often great and the previews of this sound extremely good. I’m really looking forward to this one.

2. Alma Mater – The same designers and publisher that brought us Coimbra. Possibly overwrought, but the player-driven economic system could make this very good.

3. Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 – A no-brainer after I enjoyed the first two seasons so much. I’m a little wary of the Cold War theme, but I have faith that Leacock and Daviau will give us another great ride.

4. Golem – When will this come out? There’s still so little info on this, but given the designers and that it’s based on the concepts of the great Grand Austria Hotel, I gotta rank it highly.

5. Bonfire – A meaty Feld is always worth checking out. The theme is nonsense and there may be too much going on, but I like the central mechanic and early ratings are very good.

6. Viscounts of the West Kingdom – Paladins of the West Kingdom was excellent and this looks to be of a similar weight. I liked what I saw in the online rules.

7. The Castles of Tuscany – Simpler than Castles of Burgundy, but I like that you can tailor your strategy to some extent. Looks like a good game to play with my daughter.

8. Beyond the Sun – Some very interesting looking elements, although much will depend on how varied the technologies are. Could be quite meaty. Rio Grande is back, baby!

9. Faiyum – Friese’s ideas are always fascinating, but the games often lack replayability. This has a good chance of being an exception.

10. Hallertau – Played the prototype as a solo game and there’s a lot to like. But will the necessary look-ahead be too much in a multiplayer environment?

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1 Response to Opinionated Gamers Spiel Want Lists Part 3

  1. As always, my friend, our lists diverge but have at least one game in common (Faiyum). :-)

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