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Area 51 – A First Look

Area 51 – A First Look By Stefan Alexander Art by Christian Opperer Publisher – Mücke Spiele Ages: 12+ Length: ~15 minutes per player Players: 2 – 6 players (probably best with 3-4) First Look by Jonathan Franklin   Have … Continue reading

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Builders of Blankenburg – Review

Builders of Blankenburg Designed by Peter Schultz Art by Liz Stephanoff Cobblestone Games 2-6 players 60-120 minutes Ages 13+ Review by Jonathan Franklin Are you tired of building towns where no one lives? Do you despise resource conversion games that … Continue reading

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Tuscany, a Belated Review of an Excellent Expansion

Tuscany Review Designers: Morton Monrad Pedersen, Jamey Stegmaier, and Alan Stone Artist: Beth Sobel Publisher: Stonemaier Games 1 – 6 players (1 player uses the Automa) 60-120 minutes – assuming you are already familiar with Viticulture and don’t add too … Continue reading

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Epoch: Early Inventors

Epoch: Early Inventors by Martyn F Prototype: Currently on Kickstarter 2 – 4 players 75-120 minutes Non-compensated Preview by Jonathan Franklin   I really enjoy games with technologies, modular boards, and a narrative arc integrated into the game, so when … Continue reading

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Princes of Florence – What if it had been an Essen 2014 release?

Assertion: Princes of Florence would have been a middle of the pack game if it had been released at Essen 2014. Agree or disagree? Imaginary review of a new game called Princes of Florence: PoF has tons of auctions, and … Continue reading

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Desert Island Variants & House Rules

OGers’ Favorite Official Variants and House Rules as of the end of 2014 Acquire – Open Shares – Dale Joe – That’s not a variant.  Playing with trackable information open is a play style choice, not a variant in my … Continue reading

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Why are Most Dice Games Light?

Do dice games need to be light?  Often they are lighter versions of card and board games, but why is that?  Yes, there are exceptions, including Roll for the Galaxy and the forthcoming Biblios Dice, but in general, they are … Continue reading

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Lions and Tigers and Zombies, Oh My!

I’m so tired of shambling hordes, but the zombie games keep coming towards me. What is your favorite zombie game and why? Greg Schloesser: I am frankly perplexed as to the popularity of zombies.  Yes, they make for a good … Continue reading

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Games that Split the OGers #1: Karnaxis

This is the start of a new series, discussing games that OGers had wildly divergent views of.  There will be a few 2014 games coming in this series, but for now, we look at Karnaxis. [Yes, Karnaxis came out quite … Continue reading

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How Do You Decide When to Buy a Game?

How Do You Decide When to Buy a Game? jumpstarted by Jonathan There’s a well known pattern in the gaming hobby: buy a game you played and liked, excitedly start buying a few titles to bring to game night or … Continue reading

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