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Talia Rosen: Foundations

I have recently had the pleasure of playing board games with a number of folks that are relatively new to the hobby, and it has me thinking about the foundations of contemporary strategy board games.  Having been completely hooked on … Continue reading

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10,000 Plays and Counting

June 28, 2005 was a fateful day.  I played Balloon Cup and the Settlers of Catan Card Game, which was nothing new.  But then something unprecedented happened. I logged onto a website that I had discovered a few months earlier, … Continue reading

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The Root to My Heart

As I drove away from the Gathering of Friends earlier this week, along quiet, winding stretches of rural route 219, it dawned on me that I was driving away from the heart of my gaming universe.  The Gathering is a … Continue reading

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The Art of the Game

I’ve always been attracted to the visual nature of board games.  They have the ability to be truly stunning works for art. To be beautiful, comforting, sleek, familiar, confounding, ingenious, colorful, and hopefully also functional.  I’ve written about this more … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Long Lost Gathering

I hadn’t been to a game convention in almost 4 years.  That’s practically a lifetime in the world of board games.  I used to go multiple times per year — but then along came baby and other life upheaval. That … Continue reading

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