Mary Prasad

Mary Prasad has been playing games for as long as she can remember, which is, admittedly, now more of a giant blur of Parcheesi, Mille Bornes, Clue, and Monopoly (shudder) than an actual memory. She declined to say how long ago that was. Sometime in college she stumbled across “Euros” followed by Magic: the Addiction. From then on the collections grew…

Mary is a contributor to the popular board gaming podcast The Dice Tower. She used to contribute to Boardgame News (now defunct) and plans to continue event coverage for its new incarnation at Board Game Geek. She also runs a game library for local demos and conventions. In fact, she loves to attend board gaming conventions, although it’s hard to say whether it’s for the food or the actual board gaming.

One of her favorite games is Tichu. When asked to help beta-test the Tichu app (iPad/iPhone), she jumped at the chance… although she still gets very frustrated with her AI partner, Becky (this may mean nothing as she often gets frustrated with her human partners as well). She likes all kinds of games, from dexterity to racing, but for the most part does not enjoy games of direct conflict – she gets enough of that with her husband.

Mary is married to an even bigger board game geek (not in height), Snoozefest (a.k.a. Ravindra Prasad) – and has been for over 20 years! Her gaming alias is Diceychic (NOT chick! note the absence of the “k” at the end?). Although she has several technical degrees (B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Math, M.S. AI/Machine Vision) and worked in those fields for over 15 years, in “real life” she’s a professional photographer, favoring commercial photography and portrait art. When not board gaming, she enjoys card-making; TV, movies & books (sci-fi/fantasy mostly); video games; travel and travel photography.