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Matt Carlson: The Dice of Gen Con

As I mentioned previously, for many years Gen Con was a mecca for role-playing aficionados. As with any pastime, players grow fond of their tools and toys. Role-playing is no different and one can look no further than a player’s … Continue reading

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Collective H-Indices

The h-index is defined as the maximum value of h such that the given author/journal has published h papers that have each been cited at least h times.  So, applying it to board games, the h-index is defined as the … Continue reading

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All Fun and Games

I play games to have fun. The problem with that statement, of course, is that having fun means different things to different people.  What might be fun for me might not be fun for others; further, as Wei-Hwa notes, maximizing … Continue reading

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Culling a Collection

Warning, ramblings ahead. I wanted to document what it was like for me over the year of 2019 to massively shrink my collection of games to a far more manageable and playable amount. Some of this will resonate with some … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: GenCon 2018 (Cabinet of Curiosities)

I was recently overseas checking out some royal digs.  I found it interesting that people were in the habit of collecting various knickknacks of interest and putting them in a private collection to show off to the “in” crowd.  DaVinci … Continue reading

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Posting pics on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter to see pics from the Gathering of Friends! @opinionatedgmrs

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