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Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade: First Impressions

Designers: Geoff Englestein Publishers: WizKids Players: 1-4 Time: 20-40 minutes Times Played: 5 (with a promo copy published online by WizKids)  I’ve played a decent amount of pinball in my day. (Seriously, I’m 55 years old… I can remember the … Continue reading

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Best New (To Me!) Games of 2019

For the last decade or so, I’ve intermittently published my Best New (to me!) Games list each year… and, when I missed a year or two, added the missing lists to the most recent post. Best New (to me!) Games … Continue reading

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Mark’s Bundle of 2019 Essen Game Thoughts

Just got home from a fantastic weekend of gaming (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon) with friends… enjoying a truckload of new games straight from Essen. (OK, so not really a truckload, unless it was a small hand truck being pulled … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Clank!-iverse…

When we originally reviewed Clank! here on the Opinionated Gamers website, I commented that the game “could well be the love child of Dungeonquest & Ascension.” Since I’m a long-time fan of Dungeonquest, that’s not a bad thing. (Side note: … Continue reading

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Hot Takes: Mark, Ted and John’s Weekend O’Games!

For the last couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling across a couple of states to join game designer Ted Cheatham (City Square Off, Captain Clueless) and John Palaygi in a 4 day gaming weekend. The last two … Continue reading

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Procrastination Corner: A Plethora of Mini-Reviews from Mark “Fluff Daddy” Jackson

Jefe: We have many beautiful piñatas for your birthday celebration, each one filled with little surprises! El Guapo: How many piñatas? Jefe: Many piñatas, many! El Guapo: Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of piñatas? Jefe: A what? … Continue reading

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Burning Down The (Forest): Reviewing Hotshots

  Designer: Justin de Witt Publishers: Fireside Games Players: 1-4 Time: 60 minutes (I think this is long… our games last 30-45 minutes) Ages: 10+ Games Played: 14 (with a review copy provided by Fireside Games)   I grew up … Continue reading

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Fast Forward from Friedemann Friese – A Triple Review

  Designer: Friedemann Friese Publishers: 2F and Stronghold Games Players: 2-4 (Fear), 2-4 (Fortress), 1-4 (Flee) Time: 15 minutes (Fear & Fortress), 75-90 minutes (Flee) Ages: 12+ Games Played: 7 (Fear), 4 (Fortress), 3 (Flee)… all with review copies provided … Continue reading

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Flamme Rouge

Designer: Asger Harding Granerud Publishers: & Stronghold Games Players: 2-4 Time: 30-45 minutes Ages: 8+ Games Played: 9 (with a review copy provided by Stronghold Games)   My ability to speak French is nicht sehr guht. Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Delve – Here’s a Game… Let’s Review It

  Designer: Richard Launius & Pete Shirey Publishers: Indie Board & Card Games Players: 2-4 Time: 45-60 minutes Ages: 14+ (my 12 year old does just fine) Games Played: 4 (with a review copy provided by Indie Board & Card … Continue reading

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