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Mark’s Bundle of 2023 Essen Game Thoughts

Five days. Seventy-one plays. Sixty-two games that were new to me. Yeah, that’s a lot of games. But thanks to our fearless leader (Dale Yu) and BasementCon, I had a wonderful time playing many of them. (Well, a number of … Continue reading

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Capt’n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy – A Legacy Game For Families

Yes, you read the headline correctly – HABA has published a legacy game that is not only family-friendly, but really is at its best as a family experience. For those who’ve stumbled into this review who’ve never heard of “legacy … Continue reading

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“Thank You, Mr. President”: A First Impressions “Press Conference”

This is not a review of GMT’s Mr. President: . In order to write a thoughtful review, I usually figure that I need to have played a game 3+ times for a “heavier” game and 5+ times for something lighter. … Continue reading

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Heroscape In New Hands: The Renegade Con Panel

While a chunk of the gaming world (including a number of our writers here on the OG) were in Essen, Germany, scoping out 1k+ new games, the good folks at Renegade Game Studios were busy with their own online Renegade … Continue reading

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Solo Gaming 2023: The First Eight Months

I’ve been writing these solo gaming reports since March of 2020… yes, early on in the pandemic. But my solo gaming started a lot farther back than that. In junior high & high school (1977-1982), I played a lot of … Continue reading

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Convention Report: Gulf Games 50

I was there at the (nearly) beginning… my wife & I were one of nine families who made up the attendees of Gulf Games 2. For the next 4 years, I was a pretty regular fixture – then we moved … Continue reading

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