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Bagging Monthly #3: Bagging on the Road

When I go to gaming get togethers, the one question I’m consistently asked tends to be “How tall are you?” to which I say something particularly clever, and then change the subject to boardgame bagging. After all, spreading the love … Continue reading

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Bagging Monthly #2: Bag Size Consistency

Welcome back to the only regular Opinionated Gamer column that provides an in-depth look at boardgame storage practices, techniques and guidelines. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe the other OG columnists didn’t all clamor to write this first, … Continue reading

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Bagging Monthly #1: Bag Quality

Years ago, our game group (the infamous California FNVP’s) used to joke a lot about proper bagging of games, from bag quality to how to properly organize game bits within games. Someone (might have been me, not sure anymore) mentioned … Continue reading

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Mary Dimercurio Prasad: Board Gaming with Polymer Clay

[Note: This is basically a repost of the original Board Game News article.] My husband brought to my attention a Geeklist on Board Game Geek listing board games enhanced with polymer clay pieces. For example, one guy made all new … Continue reading

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Building the Perfect Miniature Rules Reference

By: Dale Yu OK, I’ll admit it… Ever since I started in this hobby about 15 years ago, I’ve been making player aids for my games.  Back in that day, the hobby of boardgaming was nothing like it is today.  … Continue reading

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