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Rick Thornquist: Review of Navajo Wars

Rick Thornquist: Review of Navajo Wars Designer: Joel Toppen Publisher: GMT Games Players: 1 (yes, 1, but has variant 2 player rules) Time: 90 minutes or more (scenario dependent) Times played: 7, bought copy Hold on a minute, is this … Continue reading

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Rick Thornquist: Don’t Play Games with Me

by Rick Thornquist May 23, 2011 First up, a confession: I hate it when people text when I’m playing games with them.  Now, I’m not talking about one text in an evening – I even do that occasionally.  I’m talking … Continue reading

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Rick Thornquist: Box Insert of the Year

by Rick Thornquist April 1, 2011 There are a lot of game awards.  Lots and lots.  Too many, actually.  It seems that every two-bit game group, web site, blog or podcast has some kind of game award.  And who gets … Continue reading

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Review: Kaigan

By Rick Thornquist March 15, 2011 Publisher: Ascora Games – Designer: Kenichi Tanabe Cover Artist: Wayne Porter Title and Component Artist: Alexandra Lake Graphic Design: Terrance Tong and Scott Tepper Players: 3-4 Ages: 10 and up Playing Time: 45-60 … Continue reading

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Review: Vinhos

By Rick Thornquist February 14, 2011 Publisher: What’s Your Game? (also coming in English from Z-Man Games) Designer: Vital Lacerda Artist: Mariano Iannelli Players: 2-4 Ages: 12 and up (It should really should be 14 and up) Playing Time: 90-180 … Continue reading

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