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Jeffrey D. Allers lives in Berlin and has worked there as an architect and youth pastor. He is a published game designer and has been writing "Postcards From Berlin" since 2005 on GameWire, BoardgameNews and now, the Opinionated Gamers. He enjoys writing about game design and his experiences as an American expatriate living in the midst of German boardgame culture.

Essen Hidden Gems: Pact & Evidence

There are so many games being released these days, it’s getting easier to miss some real gems. The quality of a game’s design isn’t enough to sell it anymore—even in Essen, where Indie game designers have been bringing their wares … Continue reading

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Postcard From Berlin: Games That Tell Refugees’ Stories

By Jeffrey D. Allers The current refugee crisis is not a game. There are no clear rules, the information is often untrackable, there are hidden variables that lead to utter chaos, and there is no endgame in site. And yet, … Continue reading

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The author enjoys creating rhythms with instruments such as the cajón and also with board games. Music has always been an important part of my life, especially when it has a strong rhythm that quite literally moves me. Chill-out tunes … Continue reading

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POSTCARD FROM BERLIN #60: Game Design for Grade School

“Maybe you might be interested in offering a workshop for our Project Week at the end of the year,“ the principal of my boys’ school told me. We were meeting  for the first time to talk about various things, and … Continue reading

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The Journey is the Destination: A Review of Wunderland

By Jeffrey D. Allers Publisher: Pegasus Spiele GmbH Designer: Dirk Hillebrecht Illustrations: Jarek Nocon Graphic Designer: Jarek Nocon, Hans-Georg Schneider Players: 2-4, ages 8 and up Playing Time: 45 Minutes Rules Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish … Continue reading

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POSTCARD FROM BERLIN #59: Games for the Visually Impaired

By Jeffrey D. Allers Online game forums and reviews often mention color blindness and how that should affect the graphic design of a particular game, but not much has been written about designing games that can also be played by … Continue reading

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