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Gaming Timeline: 1974-1979

The late seventies saw the introduction of two games that were not only popular, but which each launched an entirely new genre.  That’s pretty rare and the fact that both debuted in the same year is remarkable.  The decade also … Continue reading

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As Time Goes By:  My Favorite Designers Through the Years

I’ve been playing Eurogames regularly for over 20 years.  Like many gamers, there are certain designers I really like and others I avoid.  But what’s interesting is that this changes quite a bit over time.  Part of that may be … Continue reading

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Gaming Timeline: 1970-1973

After an extended hiatus, the Gaming Timeline is back!  In case you don’t know what this is, you can check out the initial article (, which explains things. With the 1970’s, we start to see more familiar titles on the … Continue reading

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Larry Levy:  Review/Preview of Darwin’s Journey

Darwin’s Journey Designers: Simone Luciani, Nestore Mangone Solo Designer: David Turczi Developer: Pierpaolo Paoletti Artist: Paolo Voto Publisher: ThunderGryph Games Players: 1-4 Age: 12+ Time: 60-150 minutes Times Played: 5, with review copy Let me start this review by sending … Continue reading

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Pandemic Legacy: An Appreciation

A couple of months ago, as my daughter Amy and I finished up our last game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, our mood was somewhat melancholy.  Part of that was due to the result of the game:  after achieving partial … Continue reading

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2020 Game Awards Summary

With the announcement yesterday of the Meeples Choice Awards results, the last of the 2020 primary and secondary Game of the Year awards have now been set. So this seems like a good time to summarize which titles have been … Continue reading

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