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Larry Levy: Review of Gentes

Designer:  Stefan Risthaus Publisher:  Spielworxx Players:  2-4 Ages:  12+ Duration:  75-120 minutes Times Played:  3 I have something of a love/hate relationship with the publisher Spielworxx.  On the plus side, they tend to release the reasonably heavy Eurogames that hit … Continue reading

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Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance Expansion – A First Look

Designers:  Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani Publisher:  Cranio Creations Players:  2-5 Ages:  12+ Time:  60-150 minutes Times played:  One partial game For me, the first expansion to last year’s Lorenzo il Magnifico represents the proverbial irresistible force meeting the … Continue reading

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Terraforming Mars Wins 2017 DSP Award

The results of the Deutscher Spielepreis award were announced a couple of days ago.  This is the German game award which focuses more on heavier games than the SdJ does.  Terraforming Mars, designed by Jacob Fryxelius and published by FryxGames, emerged … Continue reading

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2016 Meeples Choice Award Winners

The Spielfrieks user group has selected its three winners of the Meeples Choice Awards.  70 voters participated in the election and the winners are: TERRAFORMING MARS GREAT WESTERN TRAIL YOKOHAMA TM and GWT had a comfortable lead over the rest … Continue reading

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Nominations Set for 2016 Meeples Choice Awards

The Spielfrieks user group has finished their first week of voting for the Meeples Choice Awards.  26 games have received nominations.  During the coming week, the voters will select their favorites from that group and the top three vote getters … Continue reading

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2016 Meeples Choice Awards Voting Is Underway!

Just a brief note to spread the word that the Spielfrieks user group has started the two-week process of conducting the Meeples Choice Awards, in which we select our three favorite games of last year.  Right now, we’re choosing our … Continue reading

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Gathering Memories: Prototypes

This is the last of my articles summarizing the games I played during last month’s Gathering of Friends. This time I’ll talk about the prototypes I played, at least those that I have permission to discuss. I always look forward … Continue reading

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Gathering Memories: New-To-Me Games

In my last column, I talked about the newly published games I played at the recently completed Gathering of Friends. This time, I’ll comment on the new-to-me games released in the past couple of years. Not all of these games … Continue reading

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Gathering Memories: New Games

Well, another Gathering of Friends has come and gone and, as usual, I had an amazing time. Thanks so much to Alan Moon and all the other folks who do such a terrific job of providing good gaming and good … Continue reading

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2016 Designer of the Year Award

It seems we live in perilous times and each day they keep getting perilouser. In such an age, I’ve heard it said that what we really need is something steady and reliable. Something that’s been with us for years, that … Continue reading

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