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Patrick Korner: In Praise of Randomness

So here’s the thing. Think back to the last time you played, oh, Dominion. Can you remember any details? What stood out in your mind about the game? If someone were to ask you about that particular game a week … Continue reading

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Essen Mule Train Report #3

Welcome to the second-last installment of the mule train series! This time around, I’ll cover off the rest of the story – that is, getting the games home and such. When last we spoke, I had just discarded 45 pounds … Continue reading

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Essen Mule Train Report #2

So I’m in Essen. On Thursday (Opening Day!). I couldn’t buy much the day before – many booths aren’t finished yet, and those that are have been told by the Messe management not to sell until the next day. Wednesday … Continue reading

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Essen Mule Train Report #1

Howdy all. Dale and co. have been doing an admirable job keeping you updated on all the cool new games, so I thought I’d do something different. I want to try and capture the sights, the sounds, but especially the … Continue reading

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Review: A Few Acres Of Snow

A Few Acres of Snow Review by Patrick Korner Designed by: Martin Wallace Published by: Treefrog Games, 2011 Playing time: 60 minutes (in my experience games range from 45 to 150 minutes) Ages: 12 and up Introduction Martin Wallace is … Continue reading

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Patrick Korner’s Top 10 of 2010

Top Ten of 2010 By Patrick Korner 2010, for me, was a bit of a landmark year in terms of gaming. Not only did I play more games than I had in most years previously (thanks to having two regular … Continue reading

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