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In between playing boardgames, raising daughters, managing the health & bureaucracy needs of an elderly parent, maintaining a happy marriage and researching a PhD, Melissa obsesses about - well - everything.

Australians on the loose: Essen Day 0

We’re back in Essen this year after an 8 year absence. It’s not the whole family, as our older daughter stayed home to finish her first year of University and take her exams. That was probably a wise decision, but … Continue reading

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Essen by proxy – Sunday (Melissa Rogerson)

I was late for the feed because I was busy baking communist gingerbread with the Bigster. In a moment of gaming continuity, I realised that I blogged about baking gingerbread with her sister just over ten years ago, at Gone … Continue reading

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Essen by Proxy: News from the Livestream (Saturday, part 2) (Melissa Rogerson)

More stream of consciousness from the livestream.

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Essen by Proxy: News from the Livestream (Saturday, part 1) (Melissa Rogerson)

Scattered notes today, as games are demoed. I’m not sure what the timeframe is, but these video demos WILL be posted to Boardgamegeek so if a game sounds interesting please go and look it up.

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Essen by Proxy: Wednesday to Friday (Melissa Rogerson)

Another October, another Essen … Thank goodness that Boardgamegeek is once again streaming game demos direct from the fair to keep all of us addicts feeling connected! It’s great to see the same people (and the same jokes about FLAGGO!) … Continue reading

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Essen 2012: State of the Wishlist – Wednesday

With Press Day over and several hours of streaming demos under my belt, I thought I’d talk about the state of my wishlist. I’m maintaining a list of the demos at Boardgamegeek, so you can see which I’ve seen already, … Continue reading

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