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In between playing boardgames, raising daughters, managing the health & bureaucracy needs of her elderly parents, maintaining a happy marriage, running a business and studying, Melissa obsesses about - well - everything.

Essen 2012: State of the Wishlist – Wednesday

With Press Day over and several hours of streaming demos under my belt, I thought I’d talk about the state of my wishlist. I’m maintaining a list of the demos at Boardgamegeek, so you can see which I’ve seen already, … Continue reading

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Essen 2012 … from the sidelines

Well Essen is starting and once again I am at home in Australia, watching eagerly from the sidelines. Both Fraser and I love reading others’ reports of what they do at the fair – not only because it gives us … Continue reading

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Review: Water Lily

By Melissa Rogerson 23 February 2011 Publisher: GameWorks SàRL Designer: Dominique Ehrhard Artist: Vincent Dutrait Players: 2-5 Ages: 7 and up Playing Time: 5-12 Minutes Rules Language: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Frog. Game Language: Language Neutral Game … Continue reading

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