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An Interview with Smoox Chen about 150BG.con

Today in Taiwan, one of my new-found favorite board game conventions is happening, 150BG.con, and I wanted to share with you some details about it from our friend, and one of the organizers of the convention, Smoox. This is the … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Preview of Mob Treasure (a puzzle book treasure hunt)

Mob Treasure Author: Jan Van Damme Publisher: Crux Club Players: 1 I was approached by the author of Mob Treasure to take an advanced look at his treasure hunt book, Mob Treasure.  The plans are for the book to go … Continue reading

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Return to the Core Worlds: Empires and Nemesis

Once you’ve conquered the core worlds… what happens next? “Winning is easy; governing is harder.” No, No, Not Yet Butch: [Walks back, and Harvey tenses to begin the fight] No, no, not yet. Not until me and Harvey get the … Continue reading

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Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collectors Edition coming to KS next month!

We hope that everyone is in the middle of a nice relaxing holiday weekend! In case you hadn’t seen this announcement earlier in the week: That’s right – following the giant success of the Suburbia Collectors Edition, Bezier Games is … Continue reading

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Toraja (Preview)

Designers: Hamzah Alfarabi, Vicky BelladinoArtist: Aulia AzziawatyPublisher: Congkak Fun FactoryPlayers: 1-5Ages: 12+Times Played: 4 on my demo copy This will be a different sort of post, as this game isn’t available…yet.  This is one of the titles that was being … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Hibachi

Hibachi Designer: Marco Teubner Publisher: Grail Games Players: 2-4 Time: 45 mins Age: 10+ Played with advance prototype copy provided by Grail Games Hibachi is a game where players try to construct desirable dishes, using all their skills to collect … Continue reading

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