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Dale Yu: Preview of Findorff  (2F Games)

I just returned from the Gathering of Friends, and it was really nice to get back and see some of my gaming friends that I haven’t seen since 2019.  Sadly, not all of my friends were able to make the … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Preview of Bobop

Bobop Designers: Pirko & Amaury Publisher: Planet.A Players: 2 (preferably a couple) Time: varies per card Kickstarter link: Prototype review copy sent to me by designer/publisher Bobop is subtitled as a game for city lovers.  It is an interesting … Continue reading

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Headin’ Back Down Thunder Road

they haunt this dusty beach road in the skeleton frames of burned out Chevrolets Ways that we know that I am officially old: I learned to drive in a ‘69 T-bird with a 429 engine under the hood. My goatee … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Preview of Voyages (Postmark Games)

Voyages Designers: Matthew Dunstan, Rory Muldoon Publisher: Postmark Games Players: 1+ Age: 8+ Time: 20 mins Played with preview PnP file provided by Postmark Games Well, the COVID Pandemic is now concluding its second year (of who knows how many), … Continue reading

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Dale Yu – Preview of Jamaica (2021)

Jamaica (2021) Designers: Malcolm Braff, Bruno Cathala, Sebastien Pauchon Publisher: Asmodee/Gameworks Players: 2-6 Age: 8+ Time: 30-45 minutes Well, a few years ago, back in 2017, I was a bit surprised to see an expansion for Jamaica, titled “The Crew” … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: Review of Geisha’s Road

Geisha’s Road Designer: Eros Lin & Jerry K Chiang Publisher: EmperorS4 Players: 2 Age: 8+ Time: 20 minutes KS link – Played with review copy provided by Taiwan Boardgame Design (TBD) Geisha’s Road is a sequel to the highly … Continue reading

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