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Black Sonata

Black Sonata Designer: John Kean Web Published (Side Room Games has announced a future publication) Number of players 1 Time 30 min I haven’t done a print and play game in quite some time. It usually requires a fair amount … Continue reading

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Tokyo Game Market Part 2

Hidden Roooms I don’t often play solo but I do love puzzles. I was pleased to find Hidden Rooms which has a fantastic look and lots of nice handmade touches. It seems to be a reimplementation of the designer’s print … Continue reading

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Tokyo Game Market Part 1

A quick review of some of the titles that were available at TGM Dec 2017. I wasn’t able to attend but that didn’t stop me from coveting some of the games that would be sold there. I have managed to … Continue reading

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Shadows in Kyoto Super Quick GenCon preview

Designer: Wei-Min Ling  Artist: Maisherly Publisher: Emperor S4 Players: 2 Time: 15-30 Minutes Shadows in Kyoto is set in the world of Hanamikoji but is not an expansion but rather a separate game with same fantastic art by Maisherly. Hanamikoji … Continue reading

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Sheep ‘n’ Sheep First Impressions

Sheep ‘n’ Sheep Designer  Hisashi Hayashi Artist Ryo Nyamo Publisher Okazu Brand Players 2-4 Time 20-30 min Sheep ‘n’ Sheep is one of the new card games from the prolific Hisashi Hayashi and Ryo Nyamo. It’s deceptive simple and cute … Continue reading

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Mini Rails Mini Review – First Impressions

Mini Rails  Designer Mark Gerrits Artist Steve Tse Publisher Moaideas Game Design Players 3-5 Time 40 minutes Mini Rails is the latest game from designer Mark Gerrits who also did SteamRollers. Moaideas Game Design is the publisher. Mini Rails is … Continue reading

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Adventures in Gaming: Tokyo Game Market

As a gamer, I’m always looking for that next board game adventure. This year it was Tokyo Game Market. Travel is always a bit daunting for me but I made the jump. I arrived about 5 days before the show … Continue reading

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Forest of Tataraba – Review

Tatara-ba to Mori (Tatara, Field and Forest aka Forest of Tataraba) Designer Tanagokoro Publisher Hobby Japan Player Count 2-4 Time 20-50 minutes Tatara is bit unusual. First, it’s a “big box” game from Japan that’s not war, anime or D&D … Continue reading

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Wind the Film – review

Wind the Film Designer Saashi Publisher Saashi & Saaashi Player Count 2-4 Time 20 Minutes If you remember when you had to take pictures with a camera with film and not a phone or a memory card you are in … Continue reading

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Great Western Trail – Review

Designer: Alexander Pfister Publisher: Stronghold Games, Eggertspiele. others Players: 2-4 Ages: 12+ Time: 75-150 min Great Western Trail capitalizes on the romance of the American west, but if you are looking for fighting and shoot outs – keep looking, if … Continue reading

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