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Matt Carlson: Review of New Frontiers

New Frontiers has players taking turns to select an action card, which then dictates the action that is performed by all players. Through the course of the game, players settle planets, build developments, and exchange goods for points or profit. … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Gaming Experience: Glen More II (Article by Chris Wray)

Author’s Note: This isn’t really a game review. It is more of an ode to game, and in particular, an ode to a particular gaming experience. There’ll be humor. At times I’ll veer into being a fanboy. And at times … Continue reading

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Era: Medieval Age

Design by Matt LeacockPublished by Eggertspiele2 – 4 Players, 1 hour – 1 ½ hoursReview by Greg J. Schloesser  Designer Matt Leacock rocketed to designer stardom with his highly addicting game Pandemic, which won numerous awards and continues to spawn … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Review of Heist: One Team, One Mission

Pass items back and forth as the central safe shouts out instructions in this cooperative real time game of bank robbery. Take on the role of one of four characters and follow the instructions on the battery-powered central cube. Pass … Continue reading

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Big Dig (Game Review by Brandon Kempf

Designers: Shaun Graham & Scott Huntington Artists: Nate Call & Katie Welch Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Players: 2-4 Time: 5-15 minutes Times Played: 4 “CAN YOU DIG IT?????”                           -Booker T We all, at one time or another, have fantasies about … Continue reading

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Fish, Farewell, Forever

Designer: PawnArtist: Reiko Ohba   Publisher: bouken (Adventure Planning Service)Players: 1Ages: 15Playing Time: 15 minutesTimes Played: 11 with a review copy bouken, the publisher of Fish, Farewell, Forever, is not well known, but in the circles it is known, it is known … Continue reading

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Bangkok’s Board Game Academy

I didn’t know anything about board games in Thailand until around 6 weeks ago. To find out about new games released by designers or publishers from Korea, Taiwan, or Japan, I know where to look on social media and other … Continue reading

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The Opinionated Gamers give quick takes on SPIEL 2019 Games – Part 1 of ???

Intro: So last year, we did a fun thing where we asked our writers to give short comments on games as they play them, and many of our readers felt this was a great way to read about the games.  … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Review of Welcome To…

Fill in your suburb wisely (in numerical order) to score points in this (sort of) Roll and Write style game of designing neighborhoods. Cards are flipped up from a deck and players must choose which cards to use and for … Continue reading

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DESIGNER: Alex Rockwell (base game) and Sean McCarthy (expansion) PUBLISHER: Tasty Minstrel Games PLAYERS: 2 -5 AGES: 14 and up TIME: 60 to 90 minutes TIMES PLAYED: Many, many playings of the original, 3 of the expansion, 2 with the … Continue reading

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