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Mark’s Bundle of 2019 Essen Game Thoughts

Just got home from a fantastic weekend of gaming (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon) with friends… enjoying a truckload of new games straight from Essen. (OK, so not really a truckload, unless it was a small hand truck being pulled … Continue reading

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Chris Wray: Game Ratings from My Post-Essen Event

Shortly after Essen, I host a small weekend event where my game groups gather and play all of the titles I brought back from Essen. This is our fifth year hosting, and I call it Essen West, although we’ve looped … Continue reading

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Essen 2019, Day 4: Quick Wrap Up (Chris Wray)

I’ll have mini-reviews of lots of games in the coming days, but this is a sort of wrap up post, just quick thoughts on the Geekbuzz and Fairplay lists. The big news on the last day is that attendance topped … Continue reading

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Saturday at Buckeye Game Fest

Last Saturday, I headed to Columbus, OH, for a board game convention on High St. I ate two meals at the North Market with Jeni’s for dessert. The CABS library was there. A consignment store & a “take a game, … Continue reading

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Dale Yu – Thursday at Buckeye Game Fest

I had honestly hoped to write up my experience from Thursday as it happened, but due to some phone issues – mostly personal problems regarding my inability to correctly charge my phone in the car on the way up… – … Continue reading

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GEN CON for a Day

Gen Con’s not a convention I favor. Despite only living a few hours away, I’ve only been once, and I didn’t enjoy it too much. This year I gave it another shot, as I had some folks I wanted to … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Gencon 2019 (RPGs)

I feel like an old grump, but everything is going online and streaming nowadays. The world of RPGs is no different. Groups like Critical Role far outstrip the viewership of any of the traditional boardgame-coverage channels. (By my estimate, 600,000 … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Gencon 2019 (Digital)

In days past, GenCon was full of videogame vendors.  Over time, fewer and fewer showed up. However, the digital side is coming back, thanks to the increasing offerings of boardgames translated into the digital realm.

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Matt Carlson: Gencon 2019 (J-Z)

Another day, another GenCon report. Here’s the second half of my boardgame explorations. Hopefully you find something worth discovering! There are boardgames, dice, cards, and dice, (did I mention dice?) I assume at some point someone has coined it, but … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: GenCon 2019 (A to I)

GenCon has descended on Indianapolis and left again, leaving behind an empty space that so recently was filled with gamer crowds gawking at the newest game or passing cosplay costume.  Another record year saw 70,000 attendees going through 538 exhibitor … Continue reading

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