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In Praise of the Local Con

Here in Columbus, OH, I am awash in gaming opportunities. I host a weekly game night at my house. That is nothing special. But, in addition, there is a weekly game night at the local game club, Columbus Area Boardgamers. … Continue reading

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Lucas Hedgren: KONTOUR Review

KONTOUR Designer: Ignacio Sanchez Usera Artist: Jonathan Aucomte Publishers: Gigamic Players: 3-7 Ages: 10+ Length: 20 mins Times Played: 5 on a review copy Rules Summary: What if Pictionary, but no teams, you only get 30 seconds, and you can … Continue reading

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Hyperborea: The What and the How

When I consider new games these days, especially when going through the monster that is the Essen list for this year, it takes a few things to get me to look deeper at a game. Art, designer, publisher, and theme … Continue reading

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The Games of Steffen Benndorf

The Games of Steffen Benndorf Reviews by Lucas Hedgren I really enjoy dice games, especially those that aren’t the standard “roll 3 times”. Even two times is enough of a difference to pique my interest. Leading up to the 2013 … Continue reading

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Review – DrachenSchatten

DrachenSchatten: The Other, Other Essen Spiel ‘12 Filler Designer: Jochen Schwinghammer Publisher: Adlung-Spiele Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4 Time: 15-20 mins Reviewed by Luke Hedgren 2 Dudes at Essen Spiel ‘12 Hey dude, what’s happening? Nothing, just trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Lucas Hedgren: Some more Essen ’12 First Impressions

Gauntlet of Fools (4 plays): To clear any misconceptions (which I learned were a thing when I suggested this one) this game has no “take-that” and other than an initial auction of sorts, has virtually no player interaction. The dungeon … Continue reading

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Keltis und Einfach Genial: das Wurfelspiele

Ok, so you are Kosmos executive. You have a successful duo of family level abstract games, designed by Dr. Tweak-and-Rerelease Knizia. One even won the SdJ! You have already done the base games, expansions, spinoffs, portable tile games, and card … Continue reading

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Now for Something Really Old: Troyes

(Note: Obviously this game isn’t that old, but it was a review I wrote awhile ago, and it slipped through the cracks for posting. So, pretend this game came out a million years ago, even though it came out at Essen … Continue reading

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Lucas Hedgren’s Top 10 of 2010

Luke’s Top 10 of 2010 So, I thought it was a great year. Lots of good games, and several great games for me. I even discovered a few older games this year that I really like. I feel like my … Continue reading

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Review of Grand Cru

Review by: Lucas Hedgren Grand Cru Designer: Ulrich Blum Publisher: eggertspiele Ages: 12+ Time: 90 minutes Essen 2010 produced three big wine games. All three have a major economic production component, but Grand Cru can be characterized has the most … Continue reading

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