Lucas Hedgren: KONTOUR Review

Designer: Ignacio Sanchez Usera
Artist: Jonathan Aucomte
Publishers: Gigamic
Players: 3-7
Ages: 10+
Length: 20 mins
Times Played: 5 on a review copy

Rules Summary:

What if Pictionary, but no teams, you only get 30 seconds, and you can only draw 15 straight lines?


  • OMG, the timer starts as soon as I draw my word card?
  • Should I do the easier word for one point, or the harder one for two?
  • How in the heck am I going to draw a lizard with only straight lines?
  • And only 15 of them?
  • I have to count the lines out loud as I draw them?
  • Is this line straight enough, or is it a little too curved?
  • Can everyone see what I am drawing with my hand in the way?
  • What, I’m not allowed to draw arrows?
  • Oh crap, I am almost out of lines?
  • I am allowed to go back and extend my already drawn lines, right?
  • Why is everyone yelling words at me that are not at all the thing I am trying to draw?
  • Since the game allows answers that are “reasonably close”, should I count “rocket” for “missile”?
  • What if the person that said “rocket” is winning, and I don’t want to give them a point?
  • Am I overthinking this, since I only have 30 seconds?


  • What about all the other “What if Pictionary, but….” games?
  • Is this simple variant to a well loved, well trodden party game idea enough to support a whole new game, worthy of purchase?
  • What if that simple variant increased the fun by a whole lot?
  • What if the word list, barring a few possible translation issues, was really well curated?
  • What if the winning condition of 10 points was well chosen to suit the perfect length of a game?
  • What if the game worked really well for those who say they cannot draw well by putting a cap on the skills of excellent artists?
  • But, what if there is still room for skillful use of those 15 lines?

  • What if the game consists of nothing more than some double-sided cards, a pad of blank paper, a sand timer and a golf pencil?
  • What if that game came in a metal case-type box, that stacks horribly on your game shelf?
  • But, what if the box is not meant to be stacked on your shelf, but was intended to be thrown in your backpack, where the metal box is perfectly suited?
  • And, what if every time you bring this game out, it elicits way more fun and laughter than it has any right to?
  • So, to ask again, is this non-perfect, but well put together package, full of familiar fun with just enough of a twist to feel fresh, worthy of your time and money?

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(BTW, that’s a ham.)

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  1. I can count 16 straight lines in your “ham”. Disqualified!

  2. Aarthi Gopal says:

    I always see only the French version of the game. Where can I find the english version in continental Europe?

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