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くみこ と かつひさ (Kumiko and Katsuhisa)

Designer: M. Aoki (A(四日市))Publisher: Yokkaichi Indoor Union (四日市インドア同盟)Players: 2Playing Time: 15-20 minutesTimes Played: 4 on a gratis copy from the designer Kumiko and Katsuhisa is a two-player trick-taking game where one player takes on the role of the Chairman of … Continue reading

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Cat in the Box

Designer: Muneyuki Yokouchi (横内宗幸)Publisher: Ayatsurare NingyoukanPlayers: 3-4Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 on a purchased copy Cat in the Box is a trick-taking game that continues the “tradition” of untangling suits and ranks from their natural connection. When we think … Continue reading

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A Round-Robin Letter for 2021 Games and Gaming (and some Music)

It’s the time of year when we think back on what we played, a bit about what we didn’t play, and make lists and rankings and what not. I’m not much of a “best of” person, though I can admit … Continue reading

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Fall Tokyo Game Market 2021 Anticipation Post

It’s the time of year again.  Today I’ll give an overview of sorts for games that will be released in Japan in a matter of hours at the Fall Tokyo Game Market (TGM). I’ll talk about games I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Age of Steam Con 2021 Recap

This last weekend, John and I drove to Kansas City for Age of Steam Con. I’ve talked about the convention before, when I went in 2019 (Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), and was thrilled that the timing … Continue reading

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Three Games I Travel With

Today I wanted to talk about the games that make up my sort of “go bag.”  If I’m headed somewhere, that isn’t intended to be a “game night”, say, maybe a birthday party or a get together because some folks … Continue reading

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