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PAX Unplugged (2018)

A last minute addition to my schedule this year, I went to PAX Unplugged to help my friends Andy and Rand demo games in the “First Look” area. We haven’t covered this convention before, and it’s only in its second … Continue reading

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BGGCON Day Four (2018)

That’s a wrap. As can be the case, I’m getting you a Saturday recap late, as we ran long last night, and my schedule to hit my flight this morning was tight. It was an outstanding con, despite not playing … Continue reading

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BGGCON Day Three (2018)

Today we’ll start with a shoutout to the folks that showed up early and waited for the Not Hot Games Room to open. Jim and his crew are enthusiastic supporters of my nonsense, and it means a lot to me. … Continue reading

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BGGCON Day Two (2018)

This was a busy day. I started off this morning teaching a few titles in the hot games area, as I will also be doing Friday and Saturday.  I usually request an 8 AM shift there, and this morning was … Continue reading

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BGGCON Day One (2018)

The fellow in the green shirt and hat there would turn out to be my friend Rikki, but I didn’t know I’d put it that way when the day started. As usual, I like to walk up and down the … Continue reading

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BGGCON Day Zero (2018)

To be honest, while I went into RollingCon with the intent to play only train games, I reached an inflection point Tuesday morning, where I was ready to play some light, whimsical, new Essen titles, but would pass on train … Continue reading

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RollingCon or The Time We Took a Train to BGGCON

I’m currently on a train getting ready to pass from Illinois into Missouri. It’s 7:00, dark out, and I think there’s snow on the ground. (That’s now now, when I’m writing it, not when you’re reading it, when I finish … Continue reading

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PREVIEW: Codex Enigmatum

PREVIEW: Codex Enigmatum Designer: Rami Hansenne Availability: Upcoming Kickstarter We don’t do “previews” for many unreleased titles here at the OG, but a few of us are suckers for puzzles, and so some folks have found our soft underbelly. Rami … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Worker Placement Locations

Sandwiches taste better in triangles. And sandwich bread tastes better without the crust (though not non-sandwich bread). Tacos are also sandwiches. I couldn’t tell you what my favorite sandwich is, but I have opinions that cut across the spectrum on … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Cat Rescue

Cat Rescue Designer: Ta-Te Wu Artist: Kaiami Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Game Studio Players: 1-4 Ages: 8+ Time: 15-30 minutes Times Played: 6 times with review copy I must admit, when small box cat themed games started to appear a few … Continue reading

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