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Trick Taking Week: An Interview with David Parlett

I started trick taking week by talking about the recent rise of trick-taking games. But the growth of trick taking games has been centuries in the making, and the spark that led to the era of designer games came decades … Continue reading

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Tricks and Trumps #1: The Classics Before 1965

This is a relaunch of our long-lost trick-taking series, Tricks & Trumps. You can find the series introduction posted just before this article; I’d recommend reading it first, since it lists the methodology we used to select the games discussed … Continue reading

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T7: A weekend of trick-taking

In January, we got together to play some trick-taking games. It wasn’t the hotel we used two years ago, it was the house from the year before. I should’ve taken a picture of it the night it snowed. It looked … Continue reading

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くみこ と かつひさ (Kumiko and Katsuhisa)

Designer: M. Aoki (A(四日市))Publisher: Yokkaichi Indoor Union (四日市インドア同盟)Players: 2Playing Time: 15-20 minutesTimes Played: 4 on a gratis copy from the designer Kumiko and Katsuhisa is a two-player trick-taking game where one player takes on the role of the Chairman of … Continue reading

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Trick-taking in 2021: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of My Favorite Mechanic

I played Ghosts of Christmas last night. It was, simply put, one of the best trick-taking games I’ve ever played. I’m hooked. Thematically, it is a nod to the Dickensian novel A Christmas Carol. Players can play into one of … Continue reading

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American Bookshop Card Game (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer: Taiki Shinzawa Publisher: Twins Lion Do; Geeks N’ Orcs Players: 3-5 Ages: 8 and up Time: 30-50 Minutes Times Played: > 5 Trick taking is a hot genre in gaming right now.  After the success of The Crew, gamers … Continue reading

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