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マストフォローソリティア (Follow-the-Suit Solitaire)

Designer: rikkati (りかち)Players: 1Times Played: 14EN Rules: Google Drive PDF In January 2019, my friend kumagoro held an exhibition titled これはトリテなのか (Is this a trick-taking game?).  Designers submitted games that pushed the boundary of what could be considered both a … Continue reading

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悪霊退治 (Demon Extermination)

Designer: るりるり (ruri ruri)Artist: るりるり (ruri ruri)Publisher: るりるりゲームズ (ruri ruri games)Players: 1Times Played: 7 on a purchased copy As I explore my unplayed るりるりゲームズ (ruri ruri games) titles, working on translations and adding games to the boardgamegeek database, I remembered … Continue reading

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Granite Game Summit (2020) Recap

This last weekend I headed to New Hampshire to play some games. My friend Kimberly is one of the organizers of the Granite Game Summit, and with BGGCON exiting my annual schedule, it would be a nice way to support … Continue reading

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T6 (a trick-taking party)

On a recent weekend, I again invited a number of my friends to town for a weekend of playing trick-taking games. Around 33 people participated, and, if I’ve counted correctly, I played 68 different games, almost all of which were … Continue reading

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ノコスダイス (Nokosu Dice)

Designer: Yusuke MatsumotoArtist: 別府さい (Sai Beppu)Publisher: engamesPlayers: 3-4Ages: 10+Playing Time: 30-45 minutesTimes Played: 5 with a review copy Nokosu Dice was one of many trick-taking games released at Tokyo Game Market this fall. Rather, I should say, re-released. It was … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Voodoo Prince, winner of the Trick-taking Guild’s 2017 “Golden Trickster” award!

A couple of months ago, I created the Trick-taking Guild on BoardGame Geek with the goals of (1) having a forum to discuss trick-taking games, (2) giving an annual award to the best trick taking games of that year, and … Continue reading

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