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Fill in the Game The ______ Party Game! (Review by RJ Garrison)

Designer: Bradley Boothe Artist: Raymond Warren Publisher: Self-published Players: 3+ Playing Time: 30-60 minutes Ages: 13+ MSRP: $15.00  http://www.fillinthegame.com Fill in the Game, a self-published party game is a new release by Bradley Boothe.  From the box: “Challenge other players … Continue reading

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Essen in Photos: Friday/ Saturday

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Trick-taking in 2021: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of My Favorite Mechanic

I played Ghosts of Christmas last night. It was, simply put, one of the best trick-taking games I’ve ever played. I’m hooked. Thematically, it is a nod to the Dickensian novel A Christmas Carol. Players can play into one of … Continue reading

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Silver Dagger (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer: Ted Alspach Publisher: Bezier Games Players: 2 – 4 Ages: 14 and Up Time: 45 Minutes Times Played: > 10 (On Review Copy from the Publisher) Silver Dagger is the fourth game in the hit Silver line of fast-playing … Continue reading

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Spicy (Game Review by Chris Wray)

Designer: Győri Zoltán Gábor Publisher: HeidelBÄR Games Players: 2 – 6 Ages: 10 and up Time: 15-20 Minutes Times Played: > 10 Spicy is a bluffing card game for 2-6 players that feels a little bit like Liar’s Dice with … Continue reading

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10 Great Card Games (Article by Chris Wray)

When we tell people we’re into “board games,” what we often mean is “board and card games.”  If you just say card games, people often think of the standard deck of 52, but if you just say board games, people … Continue reading

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