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Fill in the Game The ______ Party Game! (Review by RJ Garrison)

Designer: Bradley Boothe Artist: Raymond Warren Publisher: Self-published Players: 3+ Playing Time: 30-60 minutes Ages: 13+ MSRP: $15.00  http://www.fillinthegame.com Fill in the Game, a self-published party game is a new release by Bradley Boothe.  From the box: “Challenge other players … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2018 – Parties and Kids

It’s Indianapolis, and 60,000 people have come and gone, which must mean GenCon 2018 is finally over.  Once again, I had the privilege to prowl the aisles in search of hidden gems (or the obvious ones that I somehow miss.) … Continue reading

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Reverse Charades

Design by: Scott & Bryce Porter Published by:  RetroPlay / Gryphon Games 6+ Players, 30 minutes Review:  Greg J. Schloesser Charades has been around for practically forever.  It has been played as a parlor game and inserted as an element … Continue reading

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Truth Be Told — You’ve been here before

Published by:  Buffalo Games 3 – 8 Players, 45 minutes Review by:  Greg J. Schloesser Ever get the feeling of déjà vu – the feeling that you’ve experienced something previously?  A “been there, done that” experience?  The odds are that … Continue reading

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Ticked Off — Review

Design by:  Ted Alspach Published by:  R&R Games 3 – 10 Players, 1 – 1 ½ hours Review by:  Greg J. Schloesser Every year, there seems to be dozens and dozens of new party games released. Sadly, most of these … Continue reading

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