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Nathan Beeler: Review of Abraca…What?

Abraca…What? Designer: Gary Kim Publisher: Korea Boardgames Ages: 7+ Time: 30 min Players: 2-5 Review by: Nathan Beeler Open, Says Me Abraca…What? can be an enchanting experience for those who are receptive to its charms.  Laughter and merriment tend to … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Rampage

Designers: Antoine Bauza, Ludovic Maublanc Publisher: Repos Production Ages: 10 and up Time: 45 min Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler Games are meant to be fun. It’s a pretty axiomatic statement, as long as you allow the definition of … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Nations

Nations Designers: Rustan Håkansson, Nina Håkansson, Einar Rosén, Robert Rosén Publisher: Ages: 14 and up Time: ~40 min / player Players: 1-5 Review by Nathan Beeler According to the designers’ journal, Nations began life, at least in part, as … Continue reading

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Madison Vorgeben: Review of Awkward Moment and Buffalo (Tiltfactor)

Awkward Moment and Buffalo: An End of Semester Reflection Paper by Madison Vorgeben It’s almost summer vacation! Em (that’s my BFF, Emily) and I have so many plans that I can’t even tell you them all. Of course, we’re going … Continue reading

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From Essen to Seattle: First Impressions

By Nathan Beeler By the time this post sees the light of day Opinionated Gamer readers will no doubt already be waist deep in a flood of first play impressions, as the yearly wave of new games from Essen comes … Continue reading

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Review of Upon a Salty Ocean

Upon a Salty Ocean Designer: Marco Pranzo Publisher: Ages: 13 and up Time: 120 mins Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler “We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect.” – Carl Gustav Jung There is … Continue reading

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Review of Tschak!

Tschak! Designer: Dominique Ehrhard Publisher: GameWorks SàRL Ages: 13+ Time: 40 mins Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler Decisions, Decisions The first question I generally ask when evaluating a new card game is “can I do something interesting with a … Continue reading

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A Party Game Fan’s Ultimate Holiday Party Game Guide

By Nathan Beeler Makin’ a List It’s the most wonderful time of the year, if you are a party game fanatic like I am.  With friends and family around and gay happy parties to attend there are plenty of chances … Continue reading

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Review of Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino Publisher: Queen Games Ages: 8+ Time: 45 mins Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler Going Boldly After charging to the highest heights of the euro-gaming world with his game Dominion, Donald X. Vaccarino must … Continue reading

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Review of Timeline: Inventions

Timeline: Inventions Designer: Frédéric Henry Publisher: Asmodee/Hazgaard Editions Ages: 8+ Time: ~15 mins Players: 2-8 Review by Nathan Beeler Time in a Box Some games are heroic figures.  They climb strongly onto the shoulders of their cube pushing predecessors, stand … Continue reading

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