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Nathan Beeler: Review of Just One

Just One   Designers: Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter Publisher: Repos Productions Players: 3-7 Age: 8+ Time: 20 minutes   There’s a scene in the movie Blow-Up that I often think of when I play party GAMES. It takes place … Continue reading

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Amazon Game Day: Part Two

By Nathan Beeler “And then Amazon said, let there be games, and there was Asmodee, and it was good.” Continued from Part One Most Seattlites will surely have noticed the substantial glass balls that have sprung up in our downtown … Continue reading

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Amazon Game Day: Part One

By Jonathan Franklin “Something in the board game world is happening at Amazon, and the fine folks there invited us over to not talk about it.” After weeks of planning, Nate Beeler and I showed up at a fancy new … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Maki Stack

Designer: Jeff Lai Publisher: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-6 Ages: 7+ Time: 10-15 minutes Times played: 5+, with review copy provided by Blue Orange Games Let’s start this review like so many that have come before, with a walk-through of … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Abraca…What?

Abraca…What? Designer: Gary Kim Publisher: Korea Boardgames Ages: 7+ Time: 30 min Players: 2-5 Review by: Nathan Beeler Open, Says Me Abraca…What? can be an enchanting experience for those who are receptive to its charms.  Laughter and merriment tend to … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Rampage

Designers: Antoine Bauza, Ludovic Maublanc Publisher: Repos Production Ages: 10 and up Time: 45 min Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler Games are meant to be fun. It’s a pretty axiomatic statement, as long as you allow the definition of … Continue reading

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Nathan Beeler: Review of Nations

Nations Designers: Rustan Håkansson, Nina Håkansson, Einar Rosén, Robert Rosén Publisher: Ages: 14 and up Time: ~40 min / player Players: 1-5 Review by Nathan Beeler According to the designers’ journal, Nations began life, at least in part, as … Continue reading

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Madison Vorgeben: Review of Awkward Moment and Buffalo (Tiltfactor)

Awkward Moment and Buffalo: An End of Semester Reflection Paper by Madison Vorgeben It’s almost summer vacation! Em (that’s my BFF, Emily) and I have so many plans that I can’t even tell you them all. Of course, we’re going … Continue reading

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From Essen to Seattle: First Impressions

By Nathan Beeler By the time this post sees the light of day Opinionated Gamer readers will no doubt already be waist deep in a flood of first play impressions, as the yearly wave of new games from Essen comes … Continue reading

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Review of Upon a Salty Ocean

Upon a Salty Ocean Designer: Marco Pranzo Publisher: Ages: 13 and up Time: 120 mins Players: 2-4 Review by Nathan Beeler “We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect.” – Carl Gustav Jung There is … Continue reading

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