Talia Rosen

Talia Rosen discovered modern board games, like so many others, through Klaus Teuber’s Settlers of Catan in 1996.  Unlike many people, however, she didn’t discover the wider world of German board games for another five years, with Settlers being the main game played during that time.

Years later, she happened upon Klaus-Jürgen Wrede’s Carcassonne, which proved to be her true rabbit hole into the boardgaming hobby.  Shortly thereafter, Talia founded the Columbia Strategic Simulation Society at Columbia Law School in order to find (and create) fellow board gamers at law school.  The club exceeded all expectations by surviving her graduation and continuing to thrive up in Morningside Heights.

Talia also began writing a variety of articles about this newfound hobby at her NYC Gamer website (which is now the DC Gamer, otherwise known as NYC Gamer | Washington Bureau) and for the former Boardgame News (BGN).  She also quickly became active in the BoardGameGeek community, where she has served as an administrator for many years now.

Talia’s favorite games run the gamut from War of the Ring and Through the Ages to Netrunner and Nexus Ops, and she aims to share an equally wide variety of thoughts and reflections on the hobby of board gaming through her contributions to The Opinionated Gamers:

Talia’s first design – First Monday in October – will be published in 2023.  Interviews are available here: