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First Impressions Can Be Mistaken

Every once in a while, we here at the Opinionated Gamers like to compile our thoughts on a gaming topic – not just to fill up space (though that doesn’t hurt) but hopefully to provoke interesting discussion amongst ourselves and … Continue reading

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Wreckland Run: A Solo Gamer Preview

Wreckland Run is a tower defense game… if the tower was barreling down a dirt road at 60+ mph while being fired upon by the cast of all four Mad Max movies and a couple of scary refugees from a … Continue reading

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Dale Yu: First Impressions of Kardashev Scale

Kardashev Scale Designers: Stephen Avery and Eugene Bryant Publisher: Wizkids Players 2-6 Age: 12+ Time: 30 minutes Played with review copy provided by Wizkids The Kardashev Scale is not only the name of this game, but also an actual method … Continue reading

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Three Capsule (P)Reviews: This Didn’t Happen, Batflip, Frost (PNP escape room)

As 2022 starts, things are super busy here.  As always, the holidays and the new year occupy much of the calendar, and this year, the continuing rise of COVID and Omicron keep things at work as busy as possible.  We … Continue reading

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“Transform & Roll Out!” – First Impressions of the Transformers Deck-Building Game

Sadly, I was past the age of childish enjoyment in 1984 to be totally stoked (ha) about the appearance of toy vehicles that transformed into giant robot mechs… and the less said about the visually stunning but utterly vapid Michael … Continue reading

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Not Flynn’s Arcade: A First Look At Pulsarcade for Clank! In! Space!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (yep, 2019), I wrote about what I called the Clank-iverse and my general love for the game and all its expansions. As a part of that article, I noted that … Continue reading

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