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Jonathan Degann – Review of Kanban: Automotive Revolution (Stronghold)

Design by Vital Lacerda Published by Stronghold Games 2-4 Players  30 minutes per player (conservative) Review by Jonathan Degann Times played: 4 Vital Lacerda’s latest game “Kanban: Automotive Revolution” puts players into a car factory where they’ll need to acquire … Continue reading

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Jonathan Degann: Review of Snowdonia

Review of Snowdonia (Surprised Stare) by: Jonathan Degann Snowdonia, by Tony Boydell, is a worker placement game which puts players on a team of construction managers who are competing to contribute to the building of a rail line up Snowdon … Continue reading

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Jonathan Degann: A History of German Games in America in the Period BC (Before Catan)

Discovering the hobby of Eurogaming can often feel like watching an episode of a successful television series that has already been running for a couple of years. “This is really cool, but what did I miss?” Whether you’re a viewer … Continue reading

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Jonathan Degann: The Frustration Factor

We’ve all had that experience of playing a game, and just getting angry at it. “I’m playing my best game, and nothing is going right!” “I can’t DO anything!  I’m stuck in a hole that I can’t climb out of!” … Continue reading

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