Andrea (Liga) Ligabue

I’m close to 40 (born in 1972), married and I have two sons (a 10 years old daughter that used to beat me in every game we play and a 4 years son starting now to play with castles and catapults).

I’m deep into the games hobby since I was 6: I used to invent and create games during the lessons in school playing with friends. I was attracted by RPGs when I was 16 and played a lot of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Wahrhammer RPGS until I was 24. In these years I played several other RPGS. In 1988 I become member of Club TreEmme (, the graetes and oldest Italian gamers association. I played almost all the old Avalon Hill games, battletech, the old Games Workshop titles and a lot of other games. Club TreEmme was (actually is!) the right place to play and experiment most of the news and ols games, ranging from Dixit to World in Flames, including miniatures, CCGs and RPGs.

In 1999 I was in Denmark for work and I met Mik Svellov. He introduced me to German Games and I was folgorated!

Since 1998 I have worked actively for ModCon, the Italian largest national convention made by gamers for gamers, which took place every year in September in Modena. I was responsible for the boardgames area. In the editions from 2002 to 2006 I also managed, along with others, the press office of the event. I was the head of the program for the 2008 and 2010 edition of PLAY: Game Festival, holding also in 2010 the role of Coordinator. I am a consultant staff for PLAY 2011.

I write articles and reviews for the major Italian portals such as La Tana dei Goblin ( and International such BoardGameGeek ( I was a member of the editorial staff of BoardGameNews ( the world’s most popular news portal for boardgames from the beginning to his death! I have had the role of columnist from Italy, mainly writing news regarding Italian games and events that can be of international interest. I also wrote a series of interviews with Italian designers named “Cosa Bolle in Pentola ?” … I have interviewed more than 40.

I was a member in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Jury for Personalità Ludica dell’Anno. I resigned from the jury in 2008 becaus I was a candidate for the award.

Since 2007 I am a member of the International Gamers Awards Jury, world’s most popular prize (after SDJ and DSP, the two German press) ( I’m the first and only Italian to be part of this jury.

From January 2008 I have a weekly column about boardgames on La Gazzetta di Modena, a local Italian newspaper. Writing articles regularly for the magazine Game Master Magazine (published by Stratelibri) as long as it has existed and I write for Tangram, Counters (sometimes), Games Alliance Report (almost regularly) and Win.

I am one of the founders and I’m part of the editorial staff of the free aperiodic magazine ILSA: Informazione Ludica a Scatola Aperta (

I am one of the two authors of the project Ludoteca Ideale ( and member of the jury. Ludoteca Ideale is an Italian adwards that every year select and promote the best 10 games published in Italina by Italian publishers.

I have collaborated on several chapters of the Almanacco del gioco da Tavolo published by Panini.

I lead a boardgames workshop in primary school since 2007. I have conducted, in collaboration with the Local Health Unit of Modena, dyslexic children playing sessions.

I’m a play-tester for most of the major Italian publishers and some foreign

I made the Italian translation of various boardgame rules including Sector 41 and Soccer Tactics.

I collaborated with the City of Modena, as an expert in games, to create a card game 1099: Domus Clari Geminiani (the Duomo of Modena) and I served as project leader, alongside Martin Wallace, in the realization of the game Moongha Invaders published in 2010.

I held a course titled “L’Arte del gioco: corso per dimostratori di giochi da tavolo” (Art of the game: lessons for games demonstrators” in collaboration with the libraries of the City of Modena in January-February 2010 and will be the holder of the same course in 2011. I’m working now part time for Modena University and part-time as consultnat for LEGO Italian concerning the LEGO Games series.

I like boardgames, both German and American style, ranging from easy games to play with kids to complex ones like World in Flames and Star Fleet Battles. I’m not really interested in party-games.