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Brian Leet lives in Vermont where he spends a lot of time enjoying the natural beauty and marveling at life. In his practice of lifelong learning he looks for opportunities to blend his passions for communication, architecture, sustainability, dancing, and games. In addition to being an Opinionated Gamer he is active at and

Planet Apocalypse – 5E D&D Sourcebook

This review branches out a bit from the typical Opinionated Gamers fare. Planet Apocalypse originated as a board game from Petersen Games in 2020. This year the board game expansion has been Kickstarted along with the subject of our curiosity … Continue reading

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Review of Dragon Rage (Flatlined Games)

Dragon Rage Designer: Lewis Pulsipher Publisher: Flatlined Games Players: 2 Time: 90 minutes Ages: 13+ Reviewed by: Brian Leet 1982. Michael Knight was looking hot in a car that talked. Captain Kirk was exclaiming his immortal line “Khaaaan!” I was … Continue reading

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