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Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2021 – RPGs

Gen Con started out in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin a little over 50 years ago. It focused on wargames until the mid 70’s when the first tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, came onto the scene, quickly overtaking prominence at the … Continue reading

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Planet Apocalypse – 5E D&D Sourcebook

This review branches out a bit from the typical Opinionated Gamers fare. Planet Apocalypse originated as a board game from Petersen Games in 2020. This year the board game expansion has been Kickstarted along with the subject of our curiosity … Continue reading

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GenCon 2017 Mega Rundown – RPGs

GenCon is traditionally a mecca for role playing (it was started by the D&D folks) and this year was no exception.  I already mentioned a few kid-friendly titles yesterday, but the following include those targeted at a slightly older audience. … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: A Brief RPG Interruption

A year and a half ago, the folks at Wizards of the Coast announced a move to create (yet another) new version of the popular role playing game (RPG) system, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).  This is the seminal role playing … Continue reading

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