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Scribbling Furiously: A Review of D&D: Dungeon Scrawlers – Heroes of Undermountain

When I (Mark) was a DM (Dungeon Master to those uninitiated in the Deep Magic of role-playing games) – which, let’s be clear, was a very long time ago – I carried around a pad of graph paper in my … Continue reading

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Pinball Wizard, Part Deux: A Review of Super-Skill Pinball: Ramp It Up!

Nobody trusts anyone, or why did they put tilt on a pinball machine? Steve McQueen Almost two years ago, I regaled you (our faithful readers) with tales of old-fashioned arcades and my relative lack of expertise at pinball… and I … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2021 – RPGs

Gen Con started out in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin a little over 50 years ago. It focused on wargames until the mid 70’s when the first tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, came onto the scene, quickly overtaking prominence at the … Continue reading

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Matt Carlson: Gen Con 2021 – S to W

The Gen Con 2021 boardgaming blog is over, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea… Earl Grey, Hot, if you please. When write these up, I rip out pages of my notebook as I winnow down … Continue reading

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Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade: First Impressions

Designers: Geoff Englestein Publishers: WizKids Players: 1-4 Time: 20-40 minutes Times Played: 5 (with a promo copy published online by WizKids)  I’ve played a decent amount of pinball in my day. (Seriously, I’m 55 years old… I can remember the … Continue reading

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Ultra Deluxe 2D Arcade Mega Fighter (Game Review by Brandon Kempf)

Designers: Ryan Paul & William Madden Artists: Vincent Patrick & Shutterstock  Publisher: WizKids Players: 2 Time: 30 minutes Times Played: 3 I never was very good at 2D fighting games. I was one of those annoying button mashers who just … Continue reading

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